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Effective Presentations is the premier provider of communication skills training and motivational keynote speakers in the nation. Established by Mike Fruciano, with over 25 years of experience in professional training, Effective Presentations has changed the lives of thousands of individuals on both a personal and professional level – and the culture, productivity and profitability of hundreds of companies.

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Effective Because We’re Different

It’s fun. It’s dynamic. It’s interactive. Combining our proven methodologies and techniques, with engaging activities specifically designed for the business environment and extensive practice, Effective Presentations training courses produce life-changing, quantifiable results, immediately enabling you to become a more effective communicator.

From public speaking to business presentations, cultivating prospects to putting business on the books, and team building to leadership skills, Effective Presentations will position you to strengthen each of your relationships at every level!

Effective Because We’re Experienced

We make a difference because of the unique experience, skills and personalities of our trainers. We’re real. We’re believable. We’ve been in the trenches and at the board table. We’ve handled big business, small business and our own business. We’ve been responsible for the bottom line, and we know the realities you face. Most importantly, we’ve got the insight, wisdom and encouragement to take you and your organization to the next level.

Effective Because We’re Inspiring

We are corporate executives, entrepreneurs, college professors, and professional athletes and coaches. The common denominator of our diverse team of Keynote Speakers and Certified National Trainers is simple – each owns a demonstrated record of success and achievement.  Our stories, strategies and powerful delivery will motivate you, or your organization, to strive for excellence and achieve your goals.
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