sales training

Nothing happens until someone sells something!

This age-old adage has never before been truer than it is today. As companies and organizations are more closely watching the bottom-line, those who are most rewarded are those who are able to consistently contribute to the revenue!  Sales Presentation Training will enable you achieve success in the exciting world of professional sales!

Effective Sales Presentation Training Workshops

Sales Training Workshops are conducted in a hands-on, interactive practicum.  Utilizing this format, you are able to immediately apply the concepts you are learning and incorporate these concepts to fit your own unique situation and style.  Our proven, easy-to-apply basic sales formula is adaptable to any industry, product or service.  You will learn the fundamental elements of professional selling, building step-by-step towards maximizing your sales success.  As each concept is presented, there will be an opportunity for you to interact with the material and with other class members. For some sections, you may also be video-taped and receive immediate, constructive feedback leading to immediate improvement!

A Sales Process That Works

Presentations Sales Training Workshops involve a series of Building Blocks, each of which can be tailored to fit your specific training needs.  Depending on your experience level and history of success, some blocks may simply need a quick review and some may be foundational blocks that need to be shored up, while others may be identified as the missing element.

Effective Sales Presentation Training Building Blocks include:

  • Prospecting
  • Relationship building
  • Communication Skills
  • Discovery
  • Sales Strategy
  • Closing the Sale
  • Sales Management
  • Customer retention

Sales Presentations 101 Workshop

This four-hour Sales 101 Training Workshop starts with a quick review of great sales foundational building blocks.  You then get a chance to play with these blocks in several hands-on exercises, incorporating them into your own powerful sales style.  You will leave the workshop energized to go make the sale!

Intermediate Sales Workshop

This one-day Sales Elements Intermediate Training Workshop is for anyone who wants to further develop a career in sales. The basic sales elements are explained in detail, knowing that a strong foundation leads to great customer satisfaction, and solidifying your own satisfaction in providing a winning solution for your customers.  This workshop focuses on the entire sales process.

Advanced Sales Workshop

This two-day Advanced Sales Elements Advanced Training Workshop is intended for all serious Sales Professionals who truly want to unlock their potential.  It covers all the material from the one-day course and also allows for extensive one-on-one coaching and brainstorming about your specific sales situation.

An exciting and successful career in sales truly depends on becoming an effective communicator, and your effectiveness is clearly dependent upon your ability to listen.  We specialize in helping you learn to be a better communicator by strengthening your existing speaking and listening skills while teaching you new techniques to maximize your potential.  These communication skills are paramount in determining how to best help your customer find a solution that satisfies not just their short-term needs, but also solidifying your long-term relationship and future sales opportunities.  We spend time up front identifying your current strengths, abilities and aptitudes, and then tailor your Sales Elements Training Workshop to build upon the foundation you already have, enabling you to see clear results that take you to the next level – fast!

Research has consistently shown that it costs six times more to attract a new customer than to re-sell to an existing customer, and the more skilled you are at truly meeting a customer’s needs and maintaining a long-term relationship, the more likely they are to turn to you for solutions to new problems, and more importantly, provide you with free and much needed word of mouth advertising.