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portland communication skills training

Portland Effective Presentation Skills Training

Effective communication skills are essential in building long-term, sustainable relationships.

Whether you’re trying to motivate your team, in the field presenting your product or service to a prospective client, or in the conference room delivering a report to your peers, superiors or investors, your success mirrors your ability to effectively engage and compel your listeners.

When you join us for our two-day presentation Skills Training in the “City of Roses”, and discover the jealously guarded secrets to exceptional public speaking from the best presenters on the planet, you will immediately position yourself to launch your career to new heights!


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Highly Effective Training Platform

In this highly interactive workshop you will learn, develop and master essential verbal and non-verbal skills, and not just in theory.  You will experience them, putting them each into action through a variety of exercises and impromptu presentations, each of which will videotaped and critiqued, because we know the “skill to do comes from the doing.”

Having put these skills into practice, we’ll also address critical techniques to ensure your success, including storytelling, effective use of visual aids, appropriate use of humor, and handling those high pressure question and answer sessions.   This experiential environment allows you to assimilate each technique, building upon your new foundation with each successive presentation, and we guarantee you will walk away prepared to deliver a winning presentation to any audience, in any venue!

Sustain and Reinforce Your Learning

Acquiring these skills is only the first step in your journey to success.  To ensure you sustain and reinforce your learning experience, all workshop participants will receive Effective Presentations exclusive training manual, and a professionally edited DVD of each of their recorded presentations.

These tools are your road-map, your guide to further your growth and development, because it is only with perfect practice that one continues the journey toward perfection.

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