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Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.

Impact the Audience With Storytelling

Successfully presenting your thoughts and ideas, and effectively impacting others with your message, can be a gateway to better relationships, more productivity and an enhanced bottom line.  Delivering a successful presentation requires that you truly connect with your the audience, and storytelling can quickly establish that connection.

Most presentations promote a concept, or an idea you wish to convey.  Your hope is to persuade the audience to a certain manner of thinking, and the use of an appropriate story, if practiced and perfected, can easily drive your point home.  Storytelling is entertaining, informative and perhaps the best way to captivate your audience, provided the listener can directly relate to the story.  There are many important considerations, the first imperative is to know your audience, the second to narrate the story in such a way that they are able to quickly identify with it.


Use of Humor in Presentations Makes Them Memorable

One thing the National Republican debates have reminded us of, is the importance of humor in presentations.  The candidates are obviously not aware to the extent that their comments will be twisted into late night fodder. They certainly do not give us these valuable nuggets for this purpose, but the comical statements and wisecracks played over and over again on late night television comedy routines reminds us that our audience is listening and they do take note of what we say and how we say it.


Leadership and Communication Skills

Great leaders are great communicators. Great communicators are great leaders. The ability to confidently and persuasively communicate are critical to great leadership, and those who rise to the top are the ones who can stand up and speak effectively. When was the last time you watched a CEO of a Fortune 500 company deliver a lousy presentation and fall flat on his face? It doesn’t happen often—if ever! Most fortune 500 CEOs will tell you that the secret to their success is strong communication and presentation skills.

Effective communication skills are increasingly viewed as essential to the success of organizations and their leaders. Furthermore, the skills required to be an effective communicator are changing rapidly and continuously. For today’s leaders it is mandatory to communicate in “real time” via a host of communication channels. Leaders are evaluated by their candor and transparency, and are required to be constantly present, responsive and accessible.

Saturday, February 04, 2012 – 1:27 pm

Effective Presentations, Introducing New Video Production Company


February 4 — Already one of the nation’s premier providers of public speaking skills training and motivational keynote speakers, Effective Presentations of Lakewood, Colorado is preparing to expand its impressive line of products and services.

The main focus of Effective Presentations growth will be the creation of a new division of the company, Xtreme Media, which will provide video production services and content solutions for companies. From day one, the new outfit’s staff of video production experts will help small businesses and large corporations alike create promotional videos, such as commercials and video blogs. Effective Presentations will be moving to a larger space to accommodate its expanded operations.

Founded by 25-year industry veteran Mike Fruciano, Effective Presentations has already changed the lives of thousands of individuals — on both personal and professional levels.

During Effective Presentations relatively-short run, the company has amassed a client list that includes State Farm, Wells Fargo, Pepsi and Starz. Additionally, its roster of professional speakers reads likes a who’s who of Denver Broncos Alumni history – Effective Presentations books top notch speakers for keynote speeches and personal appearances.

Xtreme Media is currently looking for video production professionals to join its team of highly-skilled videographers. For more information of Effective Presentations or its new video production arm, Call toll-free at 800-403-6598.

7 Ways to be Ineffective at Networking Meetings

1) Talk about yourself:  After all, you are the most important person in the room.  Don’t engage the audience or ask anyone a question because they came to hear your story, not theirs. So it is all about you!

2) Never, ever make eye contact:  When you walk into the room be sure to roll your shoulders forward, look down, find the closet corner and stay there.  Remain statuesque, don’t move around or look up because someone might catch your eye and start a conversation with you!

3) No smiling:  Looking disinterested or angry is a certain way to create tension and produce a cold environment so people know you are unapproachable.

4) Always talk religion and politics:  It is important that everyone understands that your political and religious views are important to you, and therefore, should be important to them!

5) Read from a script:  You are extremely busy and have no time to memorize your pitch.  When the time comes to give your 30 second commercial, read slowly, word for word so you don’t leave anything out!

6) Everyone must have your information:  Walk up to every individual and hand them your business card, along with any other printed material you can carry.  Ask them what part they see themselves playing and how they can help build your business!

7) Carry a small brown paper bag:  Should some folks manage to get their business card in your hands, immediately toss them in your bag with a look of disinterest – and be sure to leave the bag near the exit on your way out the door!

Listening Skills for Personal and Professional Success

Realistically, we spend about half of our time listening to people. We take instructions from our boss, participate in group discussions, and listen to our colleagues, friends and relatives. Unfortunately, many do not recognize the importance of developing good listening skills. Poor listening skills can cost you an important sales deal, a vital promotion, or even a valued relationship. It is important to realize the importance of good listening skills, and to work at developing them if we want to achieve success in both our professional and personal life.

Why Listen

One primary reason to actively listening is to obtain information. We also listen to gain understanding, and for enjoyment as well.

Research has shown that we generally retain 25-50% of what we actually listen too, meaning that about 50% of the data is lost due to poor listening skills. If we can strengthen our listening skills, we can increase our productivity, enhance our negotiation skills and avoid conflicts.

Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.
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