Humor In Presentations

humor in presentations

Use of Humor in Presentations Makes Them Memorable

One thing the National Republican debates have reminded us of, is the importance of humor in presentations.  The candidates are obviously not aware to the extent that their comments will be twisted into late night fodder. They certainly do not give us these valuable nuggets for this purpose, but the comical statements and wisecracks played over and over again on late night television comedy routines reminds us that our audience is listening and they do take note of what we say and how we say it.

The same logic applies to those who may be giving a presentation. Those involved in a debate can prepare to the best of their knowledge based on what they hope the questions will be while those standing in front of an audience knowing their event and exact topic have a big advantage.  There usually is no hidden agenda and you generally will have prepared your message in advance. The use of humor in imparting your information will not only relax your audience, it will relax you. The pressure eases a little when you notice your audience participating and having a good time.  Humor can help you connect with your crowd and win them over to your point of view.

One of the hardest things about giving a presentation is to be remembered.  The use of humor can help you make your mark.   Maybe you are one of many other people who will be presenting on a given day.  What is it about you that is different and will make your speech stand out from all of the others?  No one is expecting you to be a natural comedian, but with exactly the right amount of humor added at just the right moments, practice, memorization and careful attention to detail, you will be a dramatically more successful speaker with a fulfilled and happy audience.

If your listeners remember you and further, tell others about you, then you have accomplished your goal.  Believe it or not, you are just as much a part of your presentation as the material you are presenting.  The time it takes you to perfect your presentation in practice and delivery is all well worth it and can make the difference between a successful event and one you wish you had done differently.

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