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customized training

One Size Does Not Fit All

Effective Presentations understands that your company may have training needs unique to your industry and/or organizational dynamics, and we are pleased to provide customized workshops fulfilling those specific training needs.

We may well get personal, but we’ll do it in a professional, skilled manner which empowers your team to draw on existing strengths while addressing any inherent weaknesses.

The Effective Presentations Edge

Our diverse group of Nationally Certified Trainers comprises the best of the best.  This elite group has been charged with business start-up and championed organizational change, been in the trenches and on the front line, and they’ve been in the boardroom and responsible for the bottom line.

Our instructors, with their keen understanding of the critical nature of effective communication at all levels, position Effective Presentations to create and develop customized training workshops to meet your specific objectives.

Experiential Learning

During these highly interactive workshops participants receive immediate, objective and constructive feedback related to several “real world” presentations they deliver during the training, many of which are videotaped.  This experiential process reinforces the positive aspects of their presentation and allows the instructor to identify and introduce new techniques for incorporation, bringing about immediate improvement and change.

This methodology bolsters participants’ self-confidence, as they assimilate these new techniques and “try on” different styles while participating in a variety of discussions and practical activities.

Evaluate the unique opportunities and challenges your company faces and Contact Us, together we will develop the most effective training solutions for your organization.

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