How To Motivate Employees

Your organization makes significant investments of time, dollars, and energy to motivate your employees yet you still hear the complaints and see the results of unmotivated and undermotivated people.

Understanding what Motivates
your Employees

Our Employee Motivation Training program starts with the premise that every employee can be motivated to deliver their best results if they are motivated in the proper way. It starts with an understanding of what motivates each employee from within. The problem is that most efforts start with controlling or changing the workplace environment, or focuses on modifying behavior, and not with the employees themselves.

Once you’ve aligned the expectations of each employee with their intrinsic motivations they will “buy-in” to the job at hand and approach it with more passion, increased quality, fewer conflicts, and a better attitude resulting in more productivity.  Intrinsic motivations are based on seven basic motivations that underlie why we do what we do, why we communicate the way we do, and why we collaborate the way we do.  Taken together, there are over 100 motivational possibilities.  This training helps employees more effectively leverage their past training, skills and accomplishments.

If you’ve invested in motivating employees without considering what truly motivates individual employees, chances are you achieved lackluster or unsustainable results.

Motivating Employees-Full Day Training
(For larger groups)

This full-day interactive workshop starts with a discussion about motivation and why it is such an elusive and confusing topic. It helps each participant identify and understand their intrinsic motivations. Finally, they will be given the opportunity to address ways to better align their motivations to their job functions, communication, and how they work together. Each participant receives:

  • Access to our on-line Intrinsic Motivation Assessment (Given in advance of the training requiring about 15 minutes to complete)
  • A personalized Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Report with a detailed description of their motivational mix, how it impacts trust, communication, accountability and collaboration
  • Workshop manual assuring each participant engages in the learning experience
  • Opportunities to break out in groups of similarly motivated people and dis-similarly motivated people to discuss perspectives on teamwork and communication
  • A challenge to generate an action and follow-up plan to better understand and assimilate their learning experience

Corporate Employee Motivation Training Benefits:

This training will help your organization work more closely with each employee, and in-turn, the employee with the organization, to help them focus on the things that bring them more personal satisfaction while helping achieve the overall objectives.

This unique learning experience will encourage and train each participant how to align with the way they are intrinsically motivated rather than feeling like they are just being asked to conform or modify their behavior. Employees will be encouraged and equipped to take more ownership and control over their own performance.

  • Gain awareness or affirmation about what motivates them
  • Understand how their motivation impacts their current job and consider ways they can perform their job that is congruent with their motivations
  • Identify the motivators in their job and strategize ways to build upon them
  • Identify de-motivators in their job and consider strategies to eliminate or minimize them
  • Learn how intrinsic motivations impact communication and how to better convey information as well as listen more effectively
  • Become better team players by collaborating more effectively based upon the motivations of the team

How you can train your employees

This training is customizable to meet your specific business needs and can be adapted for a corporate or team building retreat.

Advanced Training-Customizable in Length and Format (For teams or groups of 20 or less)

This training is a facilitated process requiring each participant to know their intrinsic motivations by completing the Motivating Employees training described above or incorporating our Intrinsic Motivation Discovery Workshop into this training. This training builds upon the Intrinsic Motivation and moves into organizational strategy and planning and utilizes a variety of customizable approaches to help your organization achieve its goals and objectives.

Motivational techniques work best when they are implemented in a manner that is congruent with the intrinsic motivations of each individual employee.