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Worried about corona virus? Don't want to travel? Try our online virtual training!
Team Building

Effective communication catapults your team – and your business, to success.

Save Time on Travel

Effective Presentations’ highly interactive training programs; anywhere, anytime.


Cost-effective access to the #1 communication skills training in the industry!

Live Virtual Training

Effective Presentations‘ Live Virtual Training platform provides access to remote Small Group Workshops, Interactive Virtual Courses, and Personalized 1 on 1 Training packages. Don’t see the course you’re looking for? We’re happy to customize a program to meet your specific needs.

Convenient. Cost-effective. Proven. No wonder Effective Presentations‘ clients love our Live Virtual Training platform!

Interactive Virtual Courses

Effective Presentations’ two-day classroom workshop sliced and diced into one hour bites. Small classes. Highly interactive. Customizable.

  • Mastering Virtual Training
  • Radiating Confident Body Language
  • Connecting Thru Eye Contact
  • Expressing Vocal Variety
  • Incorporating Your Audience
  • Developing Your Speaker Identity
  • Storytelling
  • Making Powerful Introductions
  • Crafting Your Message
  • Winning Slide Decks

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“I loved the flexibility of the virtual training sessions. I travel for work and already lose precious family time. The virtual class was perfect for me! Matt was very positive and gave me tools/techniques to feel confident speaking. I highly recommend Effective Presentations training!”

– Leslie Rader
Remote Small Group Workshops

Remote Small Group Workshops

Includes (3) hands-on group sessions, two hours each, followed by a thirty-minute 1 on 1 coaching session.

  • Commanding Presence
  • Powerful Voice
  • Message & Structure

Limited to 4 participants and facilitated by a Nationally Certified Trainer, group sessions include role-play exercises, videotaped practice presentations and lots of fun. Each workshop participant also receives one complimentary Alumni Coaching session!

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Personalized 1 on 1 Training

Effective Presentations’ Live Virtual 1 on 1 Training is fully personalized. Tailored around your unique objectives, from the comfort of your home or office. You are the star of the show!

After completing our brief online skills assessment, you’ll work directly with one of our Nationally Certified Trainers to develop a personalized training plan to address your specific needs. Be prepared for a variety of stimulating activities, practical exercises, and demonstrative transformation!

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Remote Small Group Workshops

Learn From Communication Experts

Effective Presentations’ Live Virtual Training platform provides convenient access to the industires top rated communication skills training. Never again have your training plans impacted by travel bans or restrictions.

Your team can expect:

  • A variety of engaging skill-building activities
  • Hands-on role-play exercises and 1 on 1 attention
  • Videotaped practice presentations (in many sessions)
  • Helpful insight to build on your natural speaking style
  • Immediate constructive feedback to keep you on track

We have created an online training program that is simple, effective, and easily accessible. Anytime, even on short notice, exactly when you need it. Recent world events have shown that businesses must adapt – sometimes very quickly – to continue to survive. Yours is no different!

Just as in our classroom workshops, you will put your new skills in a variety of stimulating exercises and practice presentations. These are each recorded and critiqued with our expert instructor. You’ll also receive a professional recording of each videotaped presentation, which can serve as a great point of reference long after your training concludes.

Self-improvement author Paul J. Meyer once said “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”

Now it’s your turn.

Providing your team with quality communication skills training makes good business sense. Contact us now so we can start building an online group workshop training for your business today.