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time management

Time Management – Your Number One Asset

The way you prioritize can mean the difference between landing a new client or losing a deal, energizing the team or falling flat.  Your time management and organizational skills convey credibility and expertise, and instill confidence and trust in your people.

Designed for Maximum Success

Effective Presentations corporate training workshops cover key areas fundamental to success in every business, including our Time Management Strategies training. This time management skills training can be a stand alone or we can combine it with any of our other workshops like the leadership, sales training, presentation skills and public speaking courses. Each of our workshops is designed specifically for business professionals using methodologies to maximize learning.  Facilitated by nationally certified trainers, the workshops are both fun and interactive.

Time Management Provides a Unique Learning Experience

Our workshops are a one-of-a-kind learning experience. They’re highly effective precisely because they’re highly participatory and highly enjoyable. They combine experience-based learning with in-depth training in a supportive environment.

Time Management Key Areas of Focus:

  • Managing your priorities
  • Relationship of goals and organizational skills to effective time management
  • Setting and working with goals and quotas
  • Managing your territory; account priorities based on opportunity and probability
  • Getting and staying organized
  • The power of focus; hitting goals with absolute certainty
  • Time bandits and how to eliminate them
  • Customers and how their unique traits impact your ability to manage time

Our Time Management Tools have proven to be successful with even our most skeptical clients, as evidenced by a sampling of testimonials from satisfied participants.

Tailored for Your Organization

Your corporation is unique, as is your specific industry.  Our certified trainers are skilled at developing workshops tailored to your particular situation.  Depending on your needs and schedule, these workshops are either one or two days in length.

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