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Jan 23-24

Powerful Hands-On Training!

  • ✓   Conquer your fear of public speaking
  • ✓   Radiate confidence and poise in any venue
  • ✓   Compel others with your thoughts and ideas

Denver's Premier Presentation Skills Training - Public Speaking

Whether it’s a sales opportunity that didn’t quite go as planned, a less-than stellar business presentation or a lackluster meeting with your team, we've all faced situations where our communication skills let us down.

Denver Presentation Workshops provide fun, dynamic hands-on training. Our world-class trainers will help you master critical presentation skills, including verbal and non-verbal techniques used by the most persuasive communicators. You'll learn the essentials you need to deliver convincing business presentations, to brainstorm effectively with colleagues or to deliver an incredible sales pitch!

Conquer Your Fear of Presenting Today

Most of us fear speaking to larger audiences. In fact, 75% of people face anxiety when they speak in a public environment. These workshops will rid you of your fear of public speaking forever.

Our highly interactive presentation skills training workshops in Denver will help you overcome your fears and radiate confidence and poise. We guarantee these hands-on workshops will transform you into a powerful, persuasive communicator!

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Denver Presentation Skills Training

January 23 - 24, 2019

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Denver Ticket to becoming a better speaker

One-of-a-Kind Training Experience

Public speaking engagements leave most people shaking in their boots and sweating like a leaky faucet. This powerful workshop will stop the anxiety and help you overcome your fear of public speaking forever! Join us for this fun and exciting training in a non-threatening learning environment. You will learn the public speaking secrets of the pros!

Grab your ticket to success today and enroll in Denver's best Presentation Skills training workshop; a training guaranteed to transform your communication skills and supercharge your career!


Hands-on Practice to Master the Secrets of the Pros

Lights, camera, action! As we uncover each of these essential techniques through a well-constructed, educationally sound training platform, you will also be practicing them. It is our philosophy that “the skill to do comes from the doing!”

All workshop participants deliver a number of short, videotaped presentations, each critiqued by a Nationally Certified Trainer, with immediate feedback to ensure mastery of each skill. This highly interactive environment will immediately empower you to overcome your fears and exude confidence and poise in any venue.

Continue Your Learning Long After The Workshop

To reinforce your ongoing learning, each participant leaves the workshop with Effective Presentations' exclusive Training Manual, and access to their recorded presentations and workshop experience.

This Presentation Skills Training in Denver will help you reach your potential with professional presentation skills coaching!

Denver Presentation Skills Training Workshop

Denver's Premier public speaking and presentation skills training by Effective Presentations. If you're ready to transform the way you communicate your thoughts and ideas and have an executive presence every time you speak, this workshop is for you!

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