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Best Presentation Skills Training in Indianapolis

Whether you’re a seasoned business professional looking to brush up on your presentation skills or a novice who needs to strengthen your public speaking abilities, Effective Presentations training in Indianapolis will get you there!

Speak Like a Pro and Accelerate Your Career

The business world can move faster than a lap on the Indy-500 track; jump into the driver’s seat and pull ahead of the pack! Sign up today for our Indianapolis Presentations Skills workshop and learn invaluable communication techniques that will strengthen your relationships, increase sales and accelerate your career success.

Every Effective Presentations workshop is designed to be fun, engaging, and highly effective. We can help transform you into a confident, charismatic speaker—one who knows how to speak eloquently and get results.

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Indianapolis Airport Hotel

Indianapolis, IN
8:30am - 4:30pm


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Learn the Closely Guarded Secrets of the Pros

Our Indianapolis training workshop is packed with tools no business professional should be without. We will help you develop effective strategies to deliver winning presentations every time, and we’ll provide you with our exclusive Training Manual at the workshop's conclusion so you can continue to grow and improve the skills you learned with us.

At Effective Presentations, we know stepping up to the podium can be a nerve-wracking experience, that’s the reason our training workshops are designed to be fun, relaxed, and supportive.

We'll teach you how to overcome your anxiety and perform like a pro. Our small workshops (maximum 10 people) guarantee participants receive the personalized attention to practice and develop your public speaking skills and empower you to speak with poise and self-assurance.

Practice Your Presentation Skills Live and On-Stage

Our unparalleled approach to learning puts you live and on-stage practicing these critical skills; together with one of our nationally certified trainers, you will create several short, videotaped presentations that will be critiqued on the spot so you can immediately incorporate the feedback into your next presentation.

We don't lecture how to speak effectively, we show you, and we walk you through the learning process so that you can enjoy the experience.

Race on over to our Indianapolis Skills Training workshop and get your communication and presentation skills running like a well-tuned machine! We guarantee our one-of-a-kind training workshop will give you the skills and the confidence to deliver exceptional presentations, actively engage your audience, and compel them into action!

Workshop limited to 10 participants,
reserve your seat today!

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