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Upcoming Orlando Workshops

Jun 4-5

Powerful, Hands-On Training!

  • ✓   Conquer your fear of public speaking
  • ✓   Radiate confidence and poise in any venue
  • ✓   Compel others with your thoughts and ideas

Orlando’s Best Presentation Skills Training

Our Orlando Presentation Skills workshop provides two days of professional, hands-on training that will empower you to exude confidence and poise in every venue!

We guarantee this one-of-a-kind training workshop will transform your communication skills and position you to consistently deliver powerful, persuasive presentations.

Compelling communication skills are essential for career advancement, and this Presentation Skills seminar addresses critical verbal and non-verbal skills that will have you speaking like a pro!

become a better speaker

Grab Your Ticket to Success

For many, the fear of public speaking stunts career growth and opportunity for advancement, This powerful Orlando Presentation Skills training is sure to open new doors.

Grab your ticket to success! Enroll today in Effective Presentations’ Orlando Presentation Skills class and position yourself for greater success. Join the thousands of frustrated subject matter experts Effective Presentations has transformed into powerful storytellers!

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Orlando Presentation Skills Training
  • March 19 - 20

    (Dates Coming Soon)

  • June 4 - 5

Open Seats-June4

All Workshops Limited to 10 Registrants!


SpringHill Suites 5828 Hazeltine National Dr.
Orlando, FL 32822
  8:30 - 4:30


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Fast-track Your Career Development

Our Orlando Presentation Skills course is perfect for sales professionals, business executives, and anyone who interacts with the public!

You’ll walk away with critical techniques you need to succeed in the boardroom, the showroom or the classroom - anywhere success is contingent on your ability to deliver engaging, compelling presentations! Effective Presentations' workshops provide hands-on training in a non-threatening, relaxed environment, proven to bring about a dramatic shift in the way our clients communicate.

These dynamic workshops are designed to transform you into an engaging, confident speaker able to captivate audiences and motivate your peers. Join us in Orlando for a Presentation Skills Training workshop that will fast-track you to the top. We will teach you critical verbal and non-verbal techniques that will empower you to nail every presentation - every time.

Experiential Presentation Skills Training

Our training method is simple! We believe the most effective learning occurs through active involvement, which means every participant practices their newly acquired skills live and on stage - in front of the camera. Each of these impromptu, videotaped presentations is critiqued by a Nationally Certified Trainer and participants are provided immediate, constructive feedback.

We’ll point out your public speaking strengths and areas for improvement. We use that information to help you improve your overall technique. Using video feedback has proven to be an amazing tool in guiding clients through the learning process.

We also provide you with Effective Presentations' exclusive Training Manual and access to your recorded video presentations and entire workshop experience. It's our way of ensuring you're able to continue to refine your skills long after the workshop concludes.

Public Speaking Made Enjoyable

We work hard, and we also have fun! We offer a relaxed, friendly, and supportive atmosphere, creating a Presentation Skills Training workshop that is not only productive - it's entertaining! We know public speaking can be a terrifying experience. Our Orlando Presentation Skills workshop will help you overcome your fears and empower you to radiate confidence and poise every time!

Presentation Skills Training in Orlando Fl

We are Orlando's premier public speaking and presentation skills training company. Find out about taking your skills to the next level with Effective Presentations.

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