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Live Virtual Messaging & Structure


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workshop hotel address Three Weekly 2-Hour Sessions

workshop date Apr 11, 18, 25 (Thursdays)

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Virtual Messaging & Structure


Workshop Details:

  • (3) Two-hour group sessions
  • Follow-up 1-on-1 session
  • Practice presentations & feedback
  • Maximum 5 participants

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Every Remarkable Presentation Begins
With a Rock-Solid Foundation

What if public speaking could feel more like an exciting opportunity vs. a dreaded chore?

To create this kind of excitement before any speech or presentation, you first need to craft a presentation that you can’t wait to deliver to your audience.

But how can you structure your own messaging in such a way that it magnetically pulls in your audience, takes them on a journey, and leaves them hanging onto every word? Most of all, how can you create a presentation that you’ll feel proud to give and excited to share with others?

The correct answer to these questions is how you structure your presentation from the very beginning. Once you know how to effectively build your presentations, you’ll be able to blend your vital information with engaging storytelling every time.

Organization and structure are the bones that hold any great speech or presentation together. Once you know how to master this process, you can use it for all future presentations to save yourself a lot of wasted time, energy, hassles, and headaches.

As a communicator, you know that storytelling is something that has connected human beings for centuries. A great story can be found everywhere—from books, TV, movies, in the local news, or even from your own family or friends. Most forgetful presentations tend to strictly focus on information and facts only and leave out any elements of a compelling story. And yet, most presenters still stick to this same blueprint.

Luckily, this opens a huge door of opportunity for you to stand out – to structure your own presentations in such a way that it delivers the main message you want, but in a very memorable and unforgettable way.

Introducing The

The Messaging & Structure LIVE Virtual Workshop

Apr 11, 18, 25

This upcoming workshop will cover everything you need to create and deliver well-structured presentations that your audience will love. This will allow you to deliver a more engaging message, boost your confidence, become a master storyteller, and think in a more creative way while under pressure.

Additional benefits will include being able to handle tough Q&A sessions, facilitate better meetings, learn how to effectively use slide decks, how to use interactive activities to engage your audience, mine data analytics to develop unique story lines, and so much more.

Since this live virtual workshop is limited to only 5 people, you’ll experience a closer connection with the instructors as well as other participants. This will help enhance your learning and give you the opportunity to learn at a much more enjoyable pace.

This live virtual workshop will help you…

  • Create a solid structure for your presentations
  • Add in powerful openings and surprising transitions
  • Fine-tune your overall messaging for maximum appeal
  • Integrate powerful storytelling elements
  • Use engaging vocabulary and personality
  • Organize your entire presentation in a cohesive way

APR 11,

18, 25

Here’s everything you’ll receive during this virtual workshop…

  • (3) 2-hour group sessions + (1) follow-up 1-on-1 session
  • Access to practice exercises, activities, and recorded presentations
  • Practice presentations that include constructive feedback

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Frequently asked questions

If you often speak to small groups, large groups, staff members, or clients, this workshop is for you. You will learn to make your message clear, concise, and engaging. Whether you are persuading, informing, or even entertaining, access our 7-Step Process for message structure when speaking extemporaneously.

Nope! You can take any course at any time, regardless of previously taken workshops.

Depending on which course you register for, you will most likely be going through three 2-hour sessions (some courses are two 3-hour sessions – this will be clearly marked on our Events page). Each session is planned to correlate with the next, and your trainer will guide you through a series of live exercises, lecture materials, and tips & tricks. Be sure to turn your webcam on!

Effective Presentations currently uses Zoom for all virtual trainings and meetings. If your team has security issues while using Zoom, please do not hesitate to reach out to our trainers so that we can make accommodations.

Yes (or the use of your smartphone camera). Even though this is a virtual training, you will learn techniques for communicating in-person and in front of live crowds. We will need more than just your voice. Body language is everything! We try to make our virtual sessions as close to our in-person sessions as possible, and that can be difficult when we can’t all see each other.

We cap our virtual workshops at 5 participants (plus your live trainer). This is because we believe in the power of small-group feedback; you’ll be able to present to a small audience without feeling the pressure of a large crowd. Plus, with fewer attendees, your trainer can answer direct, individualized questions throughout your training.

Our Messaging Skills Workshop covers organization and structure of your message, while the Presentation Skills Workshop focuses on the delivery of your communication. Check out our workshop pages for more info!

Check out our events page under “Find a Workshop” – Messaging Skills is typically offered at least twice per month virtually (open enrollment). Contact us to schedule a corporate training.

We have many skilled and qualified trainers ready to facilitate your workshop and answer any questions you may have! You may not know who your specific trainer will be until the week of, but you may look at each of our trainers’ bios under About:Our Training Team.”

Absolutely! Many of the trainings we deliver are specifically for corporate groups: virtual OR on-site, anywhere in the world. Check out “For My Team” in the top menu.

Event Details

Day 1: April 11, 2024
Start time: 09:00 a.m.
End time: 11:00 a.m.

Day 2: April 18, 2024
Start time: 09:00 a.m.
End time: 11:00 a.m.

Day 3: April 25, 2024
Start time: 09:00 a.m.
End time: 11:00 a.m.

Venue: Virtual (Zoom Meeting)