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Improve your confidence, overcome your fears, and connect with any audience every time.

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The Authentic Communicator

Authentic communicators have an advantage when connecting with their audience. They are believable, appealing, and move people to action. Inauthentic communicators allow fear, prior experience, or negative people to rob them of opportunities to make a difference. Fear is often more than feelings associated with timidity. It can be a subconscious thought that conceals passion, a memory of a prior negative experience, or the dread of an inevitable difficult conversation. Even the most confident communicator will benefit by being more authentic. Audiences want to connect with the speaker or group leader. They want to listen without too much effort and have a clear choice and direction at the end.

Clear Concise and Compelling Communication

As an authentic communicator, you will convey clarity with confidence and compel your audience. You will overcome challenges and barriers that prevent you from being an effective communicator. Audiences vary greatly. From a large presentation, a small team meeting, or an individual negotiation, people desire authenticity. They want to believe you and your message. They want to feel at ease with you and not have to put in extra work to hear what you are trying to communicate.

Understanding what motivates you and what is important to you is the first step to becoming an authentic and compelling communicator. Being able to predict how your audience will likely respond to you and your message will build your confidence and set you up for success. Establishing a firm connection with your audience makes communication fun and rewarding. You may look to others to inspire you, but your authenticity will elevate you and your message in the eyes of your audience.

The Authentic Communicator

Sept 22, 2020
8:30 – 4:30

LIVE from Effective Presentations Corporate Office / REMOTE from Anywhere
3333 S Wadsworth, Suite D-110
Lakewood, CO

This BLENDED workshop is limited to 6 registrants!

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The Authentic Communicator workshop will give you the tools to:

All of our Alumni have access to Effective Presentations powerful, ongoing mentorship program. Includes ongoing 1-1 coaching and complimentary access to our quarterly deep-dive training webinars.

Get Results

This workshop is full of resources to help you be a more authentic communicator and get results. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just establishing your career, you will gain critical insights about how to communicate with a broad audience effectively. It is information that you will apply to every relationship and help you see the uniqueness of others. Many other courses make similar promises but fail to deliver because they only try and change behavior. The Authentic Communicator workshop will help you improve and build your confidence. It will help you understand the “why’s” along with the “how’s” that help you connect to any audience. It will provide tangible insight into your ability to be an authentic communicator. Authenticity is not something you do but flows out of who you are and whom you are becoming. Having this road map will help propel you into a person of influence who has something to say and an audience who wants to hear you.

Communication and Teamwork

Effective communication skills are a core leadership competency. Authentic communication inspires effective leadership. Every executive, professional, project manager, program director, manager, and all other team members will benefit by becoming an authentic communicator. Authentic communication

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This workshop will give you and your team the language, methodology, and strategy to be more clear, concise, and compelling with each other. It will improve teamwork and help people work together more effectively and overcome the challenges that prevent success. Authentic communication helps make significant connections between team members and strengthens working relationships that will help identify and solve the most significant challenges. The old saying goes, “The team is only as strong as the weakest link.” There isn’t any reason to have weak links or to view other team members with judgmental stereotypes. The saying may be true, but any can motivate themselves to get better once they are given the knowledge, tools, and strategy to do so.

Authentic Communicator

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