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Authentic Communicator

Confidence without Conflict

Is your voice being heard?

People want authenticity in today’s challenging business environment. The kind of authenticity that others can trust. Authentic communicators:

  • Are Curious about Opportunities
  • Deal with Pandemic Challenges
  • Adjust to Operational Pivots
  • Build others up

Thiers are the voices of hope amidst the waves of fears, distractions, and apathy so many choose to feed.

People want fair treatment and will avoid harmful stereotypes and exhausting relational games.

Regardless of the audience, authentic communicators speak with confidence which others will trust and hear.

Are Your Opinions Respected?

Effective communicators are believable, appealing, and move people to action.

  • No need to second guess
  • No need to doubt yourself
  • No regrets!

Inauthentic communicators allow challenges, prior experiences, and negative people to rob them of opportunities to make a difference. Too often, voices do not count when the communicator lacks confident.

Authentic Communicators don’t live in the entanglement of negative self-talk, weak interactions, regrets, or defeat.


Authentic Communicator

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Authentic Communicator

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Regardless of the environment, Authentic Communicators speak with a confidence that moves people to action without the conflict.

Authentic Communicator is your guidebook to being confident, eliminating conflict, and moving others to action. This course dives deep into the factors that inspire your most natural and effective communication style. It dissects the sources of conflict and will help you develop your strategy for more effective communication.

This course will answer:

  • How do my intrinsic motivations and values inform my speaking styles?
  • What is my most natural speaking style?
  • How can I overcome both internal and external conflict?
  • Who is my natural audience and how can I motivate them more effectively?
  • How can I make a meaningful connection with any audience every time?
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