Communicating Your Strategy

Understanding what motivates you is the first step to becoming a powerful, unstoppable communicator. You may look to others to inspire you, but your intrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from within; it’s not something you can manufacture or imitate.

Do you understand what truly motivates you in work and in life? Do you know what you really value in life and why?

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Our Communicating Your Strategy – Intrinsic Motivation Workshop helps you uncover and understand your intrinsic motivation so you can have a happier, more productive, and more successful life.

When was the last time you did something just because it made you happy?

How to Tap Your Team’s
Intrinsic Motivations

The internal reward you get from doing something you genuinely enjoy is what intrinsic motivation is all about, and it’s a valuable tool that will help you in every aspect of your life. Why? Because when you understand what truly makes you happy, you can create a life in which you feel more fulfilled.

Take that one step further and consider how uncovering the intrinsic motivations of your staff and colleagues can make your business thrive. When the tasks assigned to certain individuals undermine their intrinsic motivations, morale drops and so does their performance.

Through our Intrinsic Motivation Workshop, we’ll help decipher what gets you motivated and show you how understanding your intrinsic motivation and that of the people you interact with can change your life…at work and at home.

The Communication Factor

As a leader, knowing how each of your team members is intrinsically motivated is critical to understanding their performance, and it will shed valuable insight on how to communicate with them in order to improve it. The results can be monumental.

Understanding your intrinsic motivation and that of your team members will:

  • Increase staff morale
  • Improve productivity
  • Inspire critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • Leverage each person’s strengths
  • Improve how your team functions as a unit

When people are intrinsically motivated, they are driven to do things because they are good or right, not because they feel a sense of obligation or want to avoid negative consequences. These personal rewards lead to a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that in turn will benefit your business. You’ll be more passionate about your work—and you’ll see it in the quality of your performance.

Register today for one of our Intrinsic Motivation Workshops and uncover the real way to motivate your team by tapping into their intrinsic motivation. Classes are small, private, and they fill up fast. Contact us today to book your workshop.