Live Virtual

Master Classes

Live Virtual Master Classes

Effective Presentations’ Master Classes include practical exercises, stimulating activities, and recorded practice presentations.

Our Corporate Communication Courses empower your team to articulate their thoughts and ideas with confidence, competence, and clarity.

A fun and dynamic learning environment provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to in-person training.

Effective Presentations remote Corporate Communication Courses offer flexible scheduling and are adaptable to any size group.

Corporate Communication Courses

Skill-specific training courses handpicked from our signature Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training. Quickly sharpen your team’s communication with laser-focused, one or two-hour short corporate communication courses.

Our trainer will keep your team engaged with practical and fun activities that will immediately sharpen their presentation skills.

Class Options

Short 1 or 2-hour interactive virtual classes for small or large groups.

Be Better on Video

Master Virtual Meetings

Have more confidence in online meetings and connect with your audience. Learn tips and tricks. Times have changed, so change with them.

Own the Room

Confident Body Language

Send a message without even speaking. Learn foolproof, non-verbal strategies to show confidence and engage your audience.

Create Instant Rapport

Build Trust and Connect Quickly

Positively command the room with eye contact principles to ensure a captivated and committed audience. Come across as believable and trustworthy.

Be More Interesting

Expressing Vocal Variety

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” Convey your intended message using creative techniques in voice dynamics.

Include Everyone

Engaging Your Audience

Confirm your expertise and engage your audience with an executive presence during Q & A and meeting facilitation.

Speaking Your Truth

Your Speaker Identity

Build on your natural talents and personality traits to develop an authentic speaking style.

Tell Your Story

Master Storytelling

Break away from repetitive data points and turn your information into an engaging story that matches your business tone.

Introduce Yourself

Powerful Introductions

Whether it’s an elevator pitch or an opening statement, create a short and powerful introduction that you can modify for any audience.

Craft Your Message

Structure and Content

Explore tools to define your purpose and provide structure to your presentation. Develop an impactful and audience-centered message.

Reinforce Your Message

Winning Slide Decks

Discover how PowerPoint, Keynote, and other presentation software can help reinforce your message without being your entire presentation.

Be Memorable

Creating a Lasting Impression

Every interaction is an opportunity to make a great impression. Achieve greater success with your style, delivery, and overall presence.

Which courses are you interested in?

The Power of the Group

When you learn as part of a small group, whether in the classroom or in a remote setting, never underestimate the power of the group! We learn not only by doing, but also from watching others in the group as well. We all benefit and learn from one another’s perspectives.

“I have been in the corporate world for over 15 years and have attended countless number of trainings by professional trainers. The two-day public speaking training I recently attended in Orange County was by far the most powerful and beneficial to me. They have this thing down to a science, some of the techniques they implement are powerful and effective. If you are looking to get over your fear of public speaking or just want to get much better at it this is a great course for you. You will never look at a presentation the same way when you are done with this seminar.”

– Hadi Assaf

Public Speaking Classes MN

Train Your Team Virtually

Virtual training is fast becoming a preferred way to learn new skills because of its flexibility and accessibility. If you don’t live near one of our training cities and can’t afford the trip (or time) to get to one, virtual group training provides a solid alternative. You get the same excellent training from a nationally certified trainer, you learn with others who share a common goal, and you finish with the ability to deliver presentations competently and confidently.

Customize Classes to Meet Your Objectives

Here’s a question I posed to a group of trainers and the responses were not totally unexpected:

What you can expect from these highly interactive sessions:

  • The flexibility to learn when it fits your schedule
  • A supportive learning environment with others who share your goal of becoming powerful and confident.
  • An affordable and more accessible alternative to our live presentation skills training workshops