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Follow-Up Coaching

Remote 1-1 Follow-Up Coaching for Workshop Alumni

With Effective Presentations, your success is our Number 1 priority. That doesn’t end with your virtual presentation skills training class.

If we’ve had the pleasure of working with you through one of our virtual training programs, either one-on-one or as part of a group, we invite you to come back to us from time to time for a presentation skills refresher course. Our one-on-one alumni follow-up training is offered exclusively to people who’ve completed online training with us in the past, and it’s meant to keep your presentation skills in tune.

$250 Hourly

*** Special Pricing for Workshop Alumni Only ***

Fine-Tune Your Presentation Skills Today!

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Appointments Available

Practice, Practice, Practice – Your Personal Coach

Assimilating your newly acquired presentation skills is essential, and we’re here to ensure your success. You’ll be fine-tuning many new skills, and no doubt questions will arise. Even the very best public speakers take advantage of a presentation skills “tune-up” on a regular basis!

Are you falling back into old presentation habits? Are you finding it difficult to connect with an audience or feel confident when you get up to speak? Our alumni follow-up training reinforces the skills you learned in your virtual training class to keep you sharp, and only graduates of our virtual one-on-one and group coaching programs are eligible for this special training.

Ongoing Presentation Skills Coaching From Your Home or Office

Just like our one-on-one and group virtual presentation training programs, our alumni follow-up training delivers fun and engaging learning with a nationally certified trainer who uses practical and hands-on techniques to get your presentation skills back up to par. The training is tailored specifically to you; together we’ll come up with a program that meets your needs. So if you’ve been struggling with a particular skill or feel you need to brush up on a specific area, we’ll lay out a plan to fix it. The time we spend together is up to you. We offer alumni virtual training in 30-minute increments.

Take advantage of a flexible training schedule that fits YOUR calendar. Book your alumni follow-up training for a time that works for you and train with us from anywhere. An Internet connection and a webcam are all you need to turn any space into your own personal classroom. This is exclusive one-on-one training is all about keeping your skills sharp and you presentations strong.

You’ve worked hard to develop effective presentation skills. Maintain them with follow-up training with us. Contact us today to book your exclusive one-on-one follow-up training session.

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