Live Interactive Virtual Courses

Effective Presentations offers several powerful Live Virtual Presentation Skills Workshops. Accessible from the comfort of your own home of office, these remote workshops are conducted in a small group setting and provide the same amazing instruction you receive in our classroom workshops.

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These remote classes are limited to 4 participants and provide a convenient, cost-effective alternative to classroom training. We offer several Live Interactive Courses

Tuition for these highly interactive workshops is $200 each. Choose five for only $495!

Each Live Virtual Workshop includes practical exercises and videotaped practice presentations critiqued with your instructor. This hands-on approach ensures you master essential techniques necessary to present your thoughts and ideas with confidence, competence and clarity. Secure your seat today and experience the benefits of online learning!

Remote classes are limited to 4 participants and provide a convenient, cost-effective alternative to classroom training.

Creating a Lasting Impression
Jan 30 | Feb 12 | Feb 24 | Mar 17

Your Body Speaks:
Powerful Body Language
Jan 27 | Feb 13 | Mar 3 | Mar 18

Connecting Through Eye Contact
Jan 28 | Feb 20 | Mar 9 | Mar 25

Powerful Voice:
Vocal Variety and Expression
Feb 4 | Feb 19 | Mar 6 | Mar 23

The Participating Audience:
Q&A and Beyond
Feb 3 1 Feb 21 | Mar 12 | Mar 24

Branding Yourself:
Discover Your Style
Feb 7 | Feb 17 | Mar 4 | Mar 19

Storytelling for Business:
Unpacking Your Data
Feb 14 | Feb 25 | Mar 12 | Mar 24

Elevating Your Introduction
Feb 6 | Feb 26 | Mar 10 | Mar 23

Crafting Your Message
Jan 29 | Feb 10 | Feb 27 | Mar 27

Winning Slide Decks
Feb 5 | Feb 18 | Mar 10 | Mar 23

Course tuition is $200 each.

Bundle any five courses for just $495, and…

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Online Public Speaking Training
That Fits Your Schedule

With Effective Presentations’ group coaching, you can take advantage of our absolute best pricing, plus choose a workshop time that fits your schedule. We schedule online presentation skills training classes every month, so you choose the dates that work for you. Have an unexpected conflict with an upcoming workshop? No problem! Let us know and we’ll transfer you to the next available workshop.

Why do we recommend group coaching?

 Because when you learn as part of a small group—whether it’s in one of our live workshops or online—you benefit from other people’s perspectives. You not only learn from doing, but from watching others in the group, too.

public speaking
virtual presentation training

Virtual training is fast becoming a preferred way to learn new skills because of its flexibility and accessibility. If you don’t live near one of our training cities and can’t afford the trip (or time) to get to one, virtual group training provides a solid alternative. You get the same excellent training from a nationally certified trainer, you learn with others who share a common goal, and you finish with the ability to deliver presentations competently and confidently.

Effective Presentations
Small Group Workshops

Being able to deliver an effective presentation isn’t just about public speaking—it’s about communicating and connecting with others so that they can better understand and embrace your message. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable and flexible group coaching programs.

What you can expect from these highly interactive sessions:

  • The flexibility to learn when it fits your schedule
  • A supportive learning environment with others who share your goal of becoming powerful and confident.
  • An affordable and more accessible alternative to our live presentation skills training workshops