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humorous motivational speakerHumorous Motivational Speaker

Charles Marshall is without a doubt one of the funniest and most original speakers providing corporate entertainment today. His material is clever enough to tickle the funny bone of the most demanding comedy fan, yet relatable enough for practically anyone to enjoy.

In the late 90’s, Charles released his first comedy video which instantly marked him as one of the best new comedic speakers performing today. His video, Fully Animated, has been aired as a cable special on stations across the country. He also has been featured in countless radio, print, and television interviews and is a favorite guest on talk shows because of his quick wit and friendly demeanor.

In addition to his reputation for excellence and originality as a corporate speaker, Charles is also known for his ability to produce roll-in-the-aisles clean comedy, avoiding all vulgarities and obscenities. He is one of an extremely select group of corporate comedians in the country today that specializes in performing only clean comedy.

Charles is able to reinforce his comedy with poignant insights and salient strategies that your audience members will immediately connect with. He is adept at engaging his audience’s attention with humor and the driving his point home with a powerful and potent message.

Charles Marshall is the author of the modern day motivational classic Shattering the Glass Slipper, whose central message is that success is available for all who harness, develop, and apply their Seven Powers.

Charles attributes much of his popularity to his providing an alternative to the blue humor of today’s speakers. “As I travel across the United States, I find that most people love comedy but don’t want to have their ears burned and eyebrows singed with all of the vulgarity.”

A full-time speaker since September 1991, Charles is adept at involving his audiences and an expert at finding the humor in the minutiae of life. He is truly a craftsman who designs each performance to meet the needs of each specific audience. With his contagious humor, outrageous insight, and refreshing perspective, Charles is becoming a major force among corporate speakers today.

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