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Darren MoyerHelping Others Succeed

Darren Moyer’s greatest passion is helping people achieve success in every area of their lives. Through more than a decade of work in the recruiting industry—consulting Fortune 500 to mid-size companies on how to identify, attract, and retain All-Star talent—he’s been able to do just that.

Darren’s experience includes working with high-potential candidates in leadership and development programs. From mid-management to C-Suite positions, he’s exceled as a career coach and recruiter. Darren is also the founder and was the Managing Partner of Precision Search Group, a national executive search firm. Now, as a part of the Effective Presentations team, Darren is focusing on helping people build long-term, authentic relationships through effective communication.

Accomplished Recruiter, Exceptional Communicator

It was during his 13 years in the recruiting industry that Darren learned the value of relationships and communication in the workplace. It was also through his role as a recruiter that he realized having technical skills in business can only take you so far.

Through tens of thousands of interviews with people from virtually every industry, he uncovered that the majority of today’s leaders don’t necessarily have the highest level of technical expertise, but the best ones are exceptional at communicating.

Knowing this, Darren knew it was time he faced the one thing he felt was holding him back: his own lack of effective presentation skills. He enrolled in professional training to overcome his fear of public speaking and to learn how to be an influencer—someone who motivates people through powerful words and charisma.

After several years of communication training and development, the impact was significant.

Now, Darren is an accomplished public speaker; he has been invited to be a keynote speaker at events, seminars and universities around the world, and is well versed in a variety of topics, including corporate social responsibility, human relations, business, and leadership.

Sharing His Talent

John C. Maxwell once said, “When you empower people, you’re not influencing just them; you’re influencing all the people they influence.” It’s Darren’s favorite quote because communication training is what empowered him, and because of it, he’s been able to have a positive influence on others. As his impact and skills grew, he knew it was important to share his expertise with others so they could feel confident, fearless, and master communication the same way he did.

Darren knows great public speakers and exceptional presenters are not born—they’re made through dedication, preparation, perseverance and consistency.

Anything Is Possible

Darren’s core values incorporate integrity, excellence, authenticity, service, community, humility, generosity, optimism, and leadership. As a trainer with Effective Presentations, he helps others move from mediocrity to mastery, and encourages them to push their perceived limitations and turn their impossible into “I’m possible.”

In his spare time, Darren enjoys mountain biking, hiking, traveling, reading, and spending time with family. He’s also a calculating chess player.

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