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jon blockJon Block

Authentic, Experienced

In a world where communication is so important to business success, Jon Block has made his mark through the spoken and written word. At Effective Presentations, he combines his background as a storyteller with his passion for helping others realize their own authentic leadership to motivate clients.

Jon is a world-class speaker and has mentored thousands of individuals to harness the power of public speaking so they can increase their revenue and social impact. He’s a successful screenplay writer, an author, and a storytelling master who was also named one of the Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs of 2013.

Public Speaking Expert and Mentor

Jon’s authentic approach to public speaking is what makes him such a dynamic speaker and respected leader. He understands how to strike the perfect balance between storytelling, providing valuable content and presenting an irresistible offer, and he’s shown countless times that no matter what industry you’re in—from sales experts to energy healers—this formula is the key to delivering spot-on presentations every time.

A graduate of the University of Southern California’s Playwriting and Screenwriting program, Jon doesn’t remember a time when crafting the perfect story wasn’t an integral part of his life. But after spending several years pursuing a career in screenwriting with moderate success, he became disenchanted with waiting for his big break into someone else’s system—one riddled with inflated egos and inauthenticity.

Then, after attending a personal growth seminar in his early 30s, he stumbled upon and fell in love with the seminar industry, knowing it provided the perfect outlet for him to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with his talent for storytelling and his passion to help others overcome their own mental blocks.

Storytelling the Right Way

Have you ever wondered how people find the courage to tell their story on stage? As an entrepreneur, your story is the most powerful weapon in your public speaking arsenal, and it’s one you need to share if you want audiences to understand and trust you.

Jon shows business professionals the right way to use their own unique story to make the biggest impact on audiences. Many business owners don’t bother to take the time to discover, craft and master the delivery of their unique personal story—and many more don’t even know what their story is.

Jon not only teaches you how to identify the story brewing inside of you that audiences want to hear, but helps you convert it into a lucrative opportunity through exciting and practical hands-on learning.

When he’s not helping people harness their inner storyteller to maximize their earning potential, Jon loves to unwind by hosting parties for friends, enjoying a glass of red wine, and engaging in conversations that cut way below the surface.

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