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Everyone knows that all work and no play makes for an unhappy team. Improve company morale and provide your people with some comic (and stress) relief by booking Rex A. Garvin for your next corporate gathering. We guarantee you’ll be laughing from the inside out.

Knows How To Make People Laugh

Some people are naturally funny. Rexx believed he had an innate ability to make people laugh and it led him to the comedy club Punchline in the early 80s. He travelled the stand-up comedy circuit for a while, but then something happened: Rexx lost his funny.

He tried to get it back. He experimented with all kinds of ways to express his funny, but no matter what he did or how hard he tried, it just wouldn’t come across. He wasn’t feeling it. No one else was feeling it either. What was he to do?

In 1998, Rexx ended up in Denver where started spending time learning about himself, his sense of humor, and how to connect it with the laughter that resides within people. He didn’t return to comedy right away. In fact, he tried out a lot of different jobs to pay the bills. Eventually he got into the hospitality industry where, one day and quite unexpectedly, he found his funny.

Finding His Gift Of Serving Others

It was while Rexx was preparing and serving food that he decided to test his wit with the people in the room. As the smiles on their faces broadened and the laughter roared, he knew he had found the gift he’d lost so many years before, and that it was time to use his gift in a way that would serve others.

In 2007, Rexx landed a job at Denver’s Craig Hospital, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital that specializes in the neuro-rehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. The work at Craig Hospital is no laughing matter, but in that building, Rexx’s sense of humor played a major role with family members and patients.

Rexx never felt like a comedian—that’s why he thought his funny was lost. As it turns out, his funny was always there. But it wasn’t until he began working at Craig that Rexx discovered his funny through the concept of healing. He’s seen first-hand the medicinal power of laughter.

Is Your Team Ready For The Laugh Specialist?

Today, Rexx is a Laugh Specialist. No longer a stand-up comedian, Rexx now focuses on using his funny in a therapeutic way to lighten the load for people who feel dragged down by the negative things they face in life: family strife, work issues, difficult relationships, etc. Laughter has lasting effects: it can to improve a person’s mood, increase personal satisfaction, and make it easier to deal with difficult situations. Wouldn’t your team benefit from all that? Rexx is a true feel-good therapist and he’s ready to bring heartwarming humor and inspiration to your next conference or event.

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