Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

Jordan Jones was an excellent instructor, he gave great, real-time feedback. The class was enjoyable and I learned a lot.
Breelyn is an amazing instructor. Very welcoming and motivating. She met my expectations 100% and I will recommend others to join this class. I loved every second of it. Thank you
Breelyn was outstanding. Great class
What an amazing two day’s I had at the presentation workshop. Dustin was a great instructor, and he kept the class fully engaged with a ton of fun presentations. The tools I came away with after two days has changed my life. I highly recommend this course and can’t wait to take the next course with Effective Presentations.
This was one of the best and most useful PDs I’ve ever experienced. Breelyn is an exceptionally gifted presenter and trainer! Thank you!
Breelyn did an awesome job and really helped me be a better public speaker. Cant thank her enough.
Breelyn was amazing! She shared content in a way that was easily understandable and transferable to our needs. Her sincerity made us feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable!
Breelyn was engaging and brilliant! Loved every moment of the training.
Jordan Jones put on a multi-session training on presentations that was very personable and actionable. I appreciated his insights, findings from research, and encouragement through the different sessions.
Jordan is a phenomenal instructor, this class was awesome. I learned more than I ever expected. This course is spot on for anyone who desires to learn public speaking and even more for those who already are. In three sessions everyone was better than when we came in.I'm definitely going to request more trainings with Effective Presentations as well as I would Highly recommend these courses which have proven to be life changing.~Paula Y. Wilkins
I felt Jordan delivered a great virtual course. I recommend it for anyone looking to take a step forward in their public speaking abilities!
Jordan Jones was amazing. He gave me tricks and tips that will help me in my current career and beyond.
I really enjoyed The Effective Presentations Workshop and walked away feeling more confident in my speaking skills. Jordan Jones is gifted with the ability to re-shape our verbal presentations, without causing the participants to feel criticized. I saw significant improvement in my presentations and the skills of other group members. Thank you, Jordan and Effective Presentations.
This was by far the most practical workshop I’ve ever attended. At the end of day one, I came away with solid techniques to practice and hone into skills. There are a lot of opportunities to practice and get feedback, both from other participants and the instructor, which was invaluable. Speaking of instructors, Mike was fantastic! He understands public speaking/presenting so well and can quickly assess your shortcomings and provide immediate ways to improve. He’s also super supportive and confidence boosting. I’d definitely take other workshops with him. 10/10 RECOMMEND!
Mike is a terrific speaker. Great session.
The two day workshop exceeded my expectations. 5 stars is not enough to describe how phenomenal this Public Speaking Training Course was. I was fully engaged throughout. It was filled with a variety of fun exercises that build and improve on your presentation skills. The difference that I feel towards presenting is astounding, and I’m amazed that this was possible in just two days. I can’t remember any course that I’ve taken that I’ve enjoyed more. Thanks Mike for conducting the trainingwith enormous energy, enthusiasm, belief and conviction. Great workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be a more effective presenter.Ed Chavez
I signed up dreading this class but left with so much confidence. This is definitely the best training I've ever attended. Mike does a great job at coaching and providing individual feedback to everyone in attendance. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for help with public speaking/executive presence/giving presentations.
Great environment and amazing instructors!! They provide you with the right tools to succed and with feedback that is efficient. Hands on right out of the gate.
Breelyn had amazing energy, great tips and concrete examples!
Trainer Breelyn was an outstanding facilitator. She was engaging, informative and fun. Most trainings that I have participated in drag on but Breelyn kept the class on track, on time and on point.
Great content to keep us engaged. Never felt it was 7 hour long training.
Jordan was an amazing instructor. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to improve or gain best practices while public speaking. The small class format created the opportunity to receive one on one instruction while learning from your peers. Thank you Jordan!
Took a course through work with Jordan.I was kind of shocked how effectively he was able to condense so many important facets of presentin g and speaking down into a small handful of simple and easy focus areas. The course was highly universal and I will be making strong recommendations based on my positive personal experience.
Our team was trained on Effective Presentations by Dustin Leffingwell. Without one single slide, Dustin was able to create a very engaging and interactive environment of learning and coaching. The exercises were not only helpful but fun and the 2 days pass by so quickly! Amazing 2 days!
We had a wildly successful training last week with a team that was able to meet for the first time since the pandemic began. Want to talk about trust building? This is the program and Dusty is the trainer for you! The exercises were lively and encouraged a team of acquaintances to establish rapport and be vulnerable within the first 90-minutes of the start time. Great lessons learned and wonderful memories. Thanks to EP as a whole, Mark, and Dusty!
Had an awesome time with Breelyn. I would definitely recommend
I enjoyed every moment of this 2 day workshop! Our facilitator, Breelyn, was outstanding as she was very interactive and engaging with positive, effective energy in her delivery. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to others. I walked away with many more tips and tricks in my toolbox on becoming a more dynamic, effective presenter. This was time well spent for sure!! Thanks so much Effective Presentations!!!
I loved this course with Jordan. He is an amazing teacher and presenter. His natural approach and easy going attitude allowed me to relax, feel comfortable in my own skin and forget about the anxieties around speaking. The lessons shared throughout added clarity, valuable insight and critical information for my ongoing journey in public speaking. I feel more confidence and inspiration to take it to the next level. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to gain answers, motivation and the necessary tools to become a successful presenter. Thank you so much!
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this course I learned how important it is in life to have effective communication skills that I didn't have before, in addition I really want to thank the instructor Jordan for his time and content that he shared with us I can honestly say in just a short amount of time anybody can learn good content in depth if they haven't done so yet, also he educated us with great examples with live speakers, demonstrations in class on how we can have more effective communication publicly or individually and actually doing hands on work which was great to be a part of. Thanks again for the time, education, and continuous support with us I will definitely keep in touch.
Dusty is the man. I walked into training expecting a slide deck and another boring training session. He kept the room engaged for 8 hrs and I probably progressed more as a speaker in that time than during my entire career. If you have a position where you talk to anyone, ever, I would 100% recommend working with these guys. I’ve already recommended that my company have Dusty back out for a few other people to attend the training, and I will be taking part again.
We are very happy to have a training session with Dustin who surprised us with his professional background, training skills and engagement. This is one of the most amazing training I have had.
The staff at Effective Presentations are some of the best in the business. The class leads to a significant improvement in presentation skills by the end of class and the participants always enjoy the experience.
Very effective! Improvement shown in less than 8 hours.
Breelyn was an amazing trainer. She was extremely knowledgable and prepared. She made everyone feel at ease and really made the experience fun. Everyone improved and gained some valuable pearls as well as areas for continued focus.
This helped me be more confident when presenting! Thank you Breelyn!
This class was great! Mike and his staff are very supportive and proactive in communicating with the class and providing feedback. Mike and his staff create an effective learning environment where the students can relax, reduce their nerves, and really notice improvements in their communication skills.
Awesome class and instructors! Very practice-based rather than lecture based which was very appreciated. I definitely walked away with noticeable improvements in my delivery! Thanks EP!
Just completed the two day Effective Presentations training and it was incredible. I learned so much about myself, met an awesome group of individuals and enjoyed a memorable experience. These trainers will improve your communication skills personally and professionally!
Effective Presentations truly brought me to the next level of public speaking! I went in to improve my presentations for large groups and left with the knowledge and skills to move forward with the lasting professional feedback that I use daily. Mike Fruciano and his team are wonderful, engaging and supportive. They are a wise choice!
Great introduction class. Everybody has markedly improved skills at the end! Breelyn is an amazing coach!
The continuous development of presentation skills are critical for our teams success and Effective Presentations delivered! Thorough, effective and a fantastic team.
I thoroughly enjoyed by course by Effective Presentations and would recommend our trainer Jordan 100%. The sessions were well paced with a good balance of theory and practice, and I believe at the end of the course I am much more confident and competent in giving presentations.
I highly recommend Effective Presentations for anyone that has to speak to people on a daily basis and/or do presentations. The skills learned can be used in any situation and will help everyone. I look forward to utilizing all the tools I've learned in this course.
The Effective Presentations Workshop was terrific. Mike did a great of instructing and providing suggesting.
Steve was filled with so much wisdom and knowledge and shared profound information. Thank you for the experience!
I've learned a lot from Effective Presentations classes.
This workshop is amazing. It is easy to follow and the practice exercises and sessions had our whole class improve by leaps and bounds. Breelyn taught us with such energy and enthusiasm, learning was a breeze. I am already applying my learning to my regular meetings and find it very effective.
Mike and his team came to our office for a 1 day Speaker Training workshop and I would highly recommend them!! Not only was it an incredible learning experience for our Sales Team, it was also an incredible team building experience. Public speaking can be very nerve wracking! Watching our reps grow through the video recordings, conversations, an various exercises was hugely rewarding. They are still talking about it today! If you are thinking about doing any sort of public speaking training, definitely go with Effective Presentations!
I just finished a two day course on Presentation Skills and it was great. Breelyn provided tips and strategies that I will be able to use during sales calls, presentations and every day conversations. And it was fun!
Dustin is a charismatic public speaker that has mastered his craft. We had a two day workshop and everyone was engaged the entire time. There were no ground rules (put your phone away, no laptops, etc...) but nobody picked up their technology outside of lunchtime. Everyone that attended has raved about their experience and what they learned. It was fun, but it pushed you out of your comfort zone at the same time. It turned out to be a great team building event as well. We will absolutely have Dustin back to see us again.
Breelyn and the team at Effective Presentations were amazing to work with. They set expectations early on and delivered on all of them. Their presentation was lively and engaging, all of our staff really enjoyed it.
I learned so much from these guys! I feelMore confident my future presentations will be 100x better for it. Thanks!!
I had a great experience with Effective Presentations! I was in the market to continue to develop my public speaking skills and was scrolling though google. I came across Effective Presentations and read some good reviews. I signed up for a live course. The course was postponed due to COVID and Effective Presentations offered me their online course in the interim for free! I later went on to the live 2 day training. Both the online course and the live course were amazing! I learned very important skills and had many opportunities to practice them in both the online and live training courses. I would highly recommend taking both courses with Effective Presentations! Thank you Mike, Breelyn, and Mark from Effective Presentations!
Jordan was engaging and interacted with everyone based on their personality and experiences. His thoughts and expertise made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable while presenting. I would recommend him for future training classes.
This workshop was great! Who knew learning could be so much fun! Mike and his team are professional, practical, insightful, and encouraging. I highly recommend this workshop for those who want to improve their presentations and day to day communications. I now have many skills that I never even knew I needed. Practicing these fundamental skills will give me the confidence to share my message far and wide. Thank you Mike!
Best presentation class I have had. I do SEO for a living and have to be client facing much of the time and there were several things I needed to work on. When you take this class you come to realize we all have our own way of speaking even though we try to model off people who we think are great speakers. These classes helped my bad habits of eye contact, rushing, breathing, and filler words. Great class.
I do work for companies all over the world and reached out to Effective Presentations in the US. I wanted to improve my public speaking and communication skills. I live in Pakistan and the virtual training exceeded my expectations. It was fun to be with a few other individuals in our workshop and see how much better we all were at the end.
Great for companies of all sizes. Not another stuffy corporate workshop.
Highly recommend to elevate presentation styles and to build on the skills your team already has. Effective Presentations made the materials bite size and easy to implement for our team and we have already seen immediate improvements.
EP met my expectation and really enjoyed the interaction. I was completely engaged and didn't even bother to check my phone our get easily bored, Dustin provided an excellent value and great presenter/communicator. Definitely going to recommend to my fellow colleagues and looking forward to a next upcoming training. Thank you!
It was such a pleasure to have Mike Fruciano and Kara Flynn conduct a successful Sales Training with our teams in Pittsburgh. Mike and Kara made an all-day training an actual joy while getting down to business and setting our team up for success!If you want your sales team to be successful ~ you need to start with Effective Presentations!
I Learned a ton! Mike did a fantastic job.
I took this class in Chicago and I was definitely the youngest in the class. Despite the age difference I got as much out of this class as everyone else. It was worth both my time and money, I am so happy I did it. If you are looking to suppress public speaking fears and sharpen your presentation skills this class is for you.
I can't say enough good things about Mike Fruciano and this class. It was only two days, but I took more from those two days than I have from week-long classes. Superbly structured to make even the most novice of speakers feel at ease, it was fun, engaging and most of all incredibly helpful in leveling up my presentation skills. If you're looking for a way to improve your presentation skills, you've found it.
I just completed the 2-day in-person training in Chicago with Mike Fruciano. This class was amazing! As much as I enjoyed the virtual class I took, nothing beats the experience of presenting in front of other people. The class was small (our session was 7 people) so everyone had an opportunity to present multiple times and learn from the instructor (who was great!) and from each other. I highly recommend!
I can honestly say that Mike Fruciano and the Effective Presentation team are amazing! The program is amazing, the people are amazing, and it completely change who I have become as a presenter! i'v become a confident, poise presenter who has been asked to speak at many events now. I'm truly grateful for Mike putting me in position to be presenter that people want to listen to.Thank youEffective PresentationsLe'Ron Barnes
Taking this class was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Our instructor, Breelyn, was extremely helpful, professional and friendly! If you feel even slightly uncomfortable or nervous/fearful while presenting, I highly suggest that you consider taking this class because you’ll learn so many fundamentals and tactics that will turn you into a much better speaker. Will definitely be recommending to my friends and family!
This organization was extremely pleasant, professional and fun to work with from the time I inquired online to the time the event ended. Our presenter, Mike Fruciano, had such a unique delivery and he kept it fun, engaging and practical! They were flexible in building out the content according to what we needed - including time constraints. Tons of value and interaction packed into a 4 hour workshop. Definitely recommend!
I highly recommend this workshop to anyone working on their public speaking skills.
Effective Presentations workshops are the "Real Deal". The training and insight that was provided offered immediate results to my evening workshops and radio show. I learned fundamental tips to improve how to communicate more effectively and keep active listeners. This class is helpful for anyone that would like to present themselves confidently in any environment. I recommend this workshop for any business wanting to improve their overall professionalism and customer service. The training could be applied to reach people over any medium. They are the best at what they do.
Mike and his staff were very impressive! They are exactly what you would want when looking for professional training! Effective Presentations exceeded my expectations by their ability to teach. They are skilled at what they do. I was highly impressed with the overall results- (before and after the training). Everyone showed significant improvement public speaking in just a matter of days. Thank you for taking away the fear of public speaking.
ComTec Solutions hosted mandatory professional development – Effective Presentations training for the entire company. The training was conducted by Breelyn Bowe virtually, given 8 of our employees work outside of the Rochester NY Headquarters. Debbie Wehrle, HR Manager provided the objectives of the event and Breelyn developed the 2 hour training for the team members from those objectives.The training and facilitation exceeded our expectations as documented in the evaluations submitted and the direct feedback regarding how Breelyn facilitated the event. She was prepared, energetic, knowledgeable, and included all attendees to participate in exercises she was sharing with us. Breelyn absolutely delivered on the top objectives we requested for this learning event and was spot on when asked questions from the attendees which she was not able to prepare for.At the end of the training, our President provided a follow on objective. He asked that attendees reflect on his company review which was conducted prior to the training and provide as many tips we learned from Breelyn’s Effective Presentations that he could do better. The person with the most feedback to him from the Effective Presentation training would receive a $100 gift card and Janine was our winner.Breelyn provided us a job aid to use as we prepare for our own presentations in the future and shared her contact information for future support. What we did not know prior to her delivery was that Breelyn was one of the newer facilitators for Effective Presentations. She conducted her facilitation with authority, warmth, preparation, genuineness and enthusiasm. No one would have known that she was new and perhaps thought she was a very seasoned facilitator and an excellent presenter.ComTec Solutions will absolutely use Effective Presentations for future learning events and will recommend without any hesitation, the company and Breelyn for customizing training based on your company’s objective, conducting the training on site or virtually and working on a delivery price that is both fair and an excellent value.Thank you to Mark Lamano for his responsiveness when I first placed my inquiry call with Effective Presentations and for providing us with Breelyn who provided our employees with the training and tools they need to also lead Effective Presentations.Regards,Debbie WehrleHR Manager
Breelyn did a terrific job of taking us through the different aspects of public speaking with things to work on using your body, voice and words. We did live recorded videos where we could see how we performed. I would definitely recommend taking this class if you are looking to improve your presentation skills.
This was a great experience and good use of time. Our coach Dustin did a great job helping us identify ways to improve our presentation skills and he gave us really helpful tools and feedback to take our presentations to the next level - both virtually and in person. Thanks Dustin!
The trainer was incredibly. If how they speak is any indication on how they will help you speak, totally worth your investment.
My experience with Breelyn was amazing. She was very professional and had an abundance of information, tips and tools for the area that I selected to work on with this organization. Thank you again for a great experience.
Wow! The improvement in all of us over the two day workshop was incredible. I left with actionable things to do to continue improving my public speaking. It was an incredible experience.
So far, so great! Thank you Breelyn for an excellent course on "Crafting Your Message." I was so impressed with your style of communication and how well you conducted the class. I can't wait for the next course!
Truly a transformational experience! Thanks, Mike!
Excellent! Worth the investment! I've taken other presentation courses but this is by far the best.
It all started when I was three days I received and practiced exceptional communication skills for giving presentations people actually want to listen to. Mike and the EP Team have mastered the basics, and have taken me to a different level overnight. The best thing you can do to improve your presentation skills is spend 2-3 days with these Rock Stars.
I sent 4 senior management team members and myself through Public Speaking/Presentation Skills training. We were all scared to death of looking ridiculous in front of each other. It was an great experience and to do it as a team really allowed us to support each other and not judge each other. It turned out to be one of the best team building experience we have done. Breelyn was an amazing presenter, coach, and cheerleader. We had a great time with her. Thanks Breelyn!!
I live in Pakistan and we’ve been using Effective Presentations for a couple years now. We love their virtual training platform, its like we are face to face working on our specific skills.
Great, interactive, practical workshop. A lot of materials and information. Guaranteed, you'll be a better presenter. The instructor, coach, trainer Sandra did an excellent job. I learned a lot! I'm glad I made the decision to attend the Effrective Presentations. It's definitely well worth it!Thank you!
Money well spent. This training is very helpful and can transform you within 2 days.
Sandra was the trainer for the Public Speaking/Presentation session I attended. She was able to able connect and relate to each person even though we had different backgrounds and personalities. She had valuable feedback and suggestions for various public speaking situations we might find ourselves in. Sandra facilitated a positive environment to practice and overcome challenges in public speaking. From attending the workshop, I've gained more confidence in myself and have a more positive perspective on my public speaking abilities.
Sandra was great! I left the workshop feeling more confident about giving presentations because now I know I have the right tools! I would recommend this workshop to anyone, from beginner to seasoned professionals.
Mark Lamano, Mike Fruciano and the rest of the team at Effective Presentations have put together a 2 day training class as potent and constructive as their name suggests.As useful for a medical professional as it for a teacher or salesperson; you'll leave the training with a newfound confidence and the tools to holistically improve on every area of your communications.If Mike doesn't have you engaged and upright on the edge of your seat within the first hour, check your pulse!I can't wait to continue improving my presenting with the exercises and continued coaching of Effective Presentations.
This workshop was everything it promised to be - and more! I learned so much in two days. My co-workers and family are probably tired of hearing about how much fun I had with all the different exercises we did. I highly recommend this class if you're looking to perfect your speaking skills and overcome presentation anxiety.
Excellent preparation. Motivational Speaker and very enthusiastic
Dustin is a great instructor and made our participants feel very comfortable with the presentation training. He made public speaking a fun experience - highly recommend him!
Mike Fruciano and Effective Presentations Courses changed my life. All I can say is thank you. WOW
Sandra was awesome and help me learn a lot about my self in a very comfortable way and made the whole experience very fun.
This was one of the very best professional development investments I've made in myself and my team. Dustin was an incredible coach and presenter! He was brilliant with all the differing 'presenter levels' of the group, making sure every participant was comfortable and challenged. I learned I have much to learn! Thank you!!
This is the best training I have participated in for my job to date! The hands-on learning environment really made the difference in what I retained and I immediately was able to put my new skills to use upon my return to work. I was comfortable speaking before I took the seminar, but now - I am confident! And that makes all the difference! Not only do I use these skills at work, but I was able to apply them to my personal life as well when teaching and speaking at my church. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to be more confident in their interactions with other people; whether it be one-on-one conversations, meetings of any size or full out presentations to an audience. There's something useful for all!
Effective Presentations exceeded our expectations when it came to coaching our C-suite on public speaking skills. The executives who attended frequently quoted their trainer, Matt, during the rehearsal session in advance of our annual client event. And this year's event received very high marks from clients on the quality of presentations. We will definitely be using EP again. Thanks to Matt and team!
Effective Presentations is one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my career in Guest Relations/Sales Training. Whether you are a seasoned presenter or new to the arena, there is something for everyone to learn and improve upon. The ability to learn concepts and then put them immediately into practice thru video taping was very effective. The one-on-one coaching was helpful as well. This seminar took me out of my comfort zone and provided tips for being a more dynamic presenter/trainer.I was extremely impressed with Dustin, our facilitator. He certainly walked the talk and was very personable and engaging. In my opinion he made the seminar! As a trainer, I know first hand how difficult it is to maintain audience attention for two hours, nonetheless two full days. He made the time fly and kept me engaged and at the edge of my seat wanting more. Not only did I gain insight into advanced presentation skills, but also in facilitation skills - WIN/WIN!!
After attending the "Effective Presentations"Seminar, I learned so much about myself.How to communicate to a large group or just an one on consultation. The class was fun, exciting and easy-going. I highly recommend attending.
Dustin makes the course fun and provides a quality learning experience. I was able refine my skills in a noticeable way. I went from good to great with the tools Dustin and the course gave me. The impact I used the skills I learned for 5 min presentation in front of 100 big 4 senior consultants that led me being invited to facilitate a 2 hour session with a major client. Dustin you rock - 2 days can change a life! I tell all my friends. TBW
Dustin was an amazing instructor. The attention he gave us durning and after the training was something that I will never forget. He took the time to actually discuss on key point I should work on so I can be a better presenter when training.
Very interactive and they cover topics from structuring your presentation to verbal/non-verbal skills, and it was actually a pretty fun class. You'll do a lot of presentations throughout the two days and get plenty of constructive feedback.
If you are looking to take your public speaking skills to the next level, this is the course for you! I had a great experience at this seminar. Dustin, our instructor was professional, engaging, and fun. You will definitely get outside of your comfort zone, learn new strategies, and have a good time. I highly recommend taking this course, you'll immediately see a tremendous improvement in your ability to present and speak in public and have the opportunity to make lasting connections with other great speakers.
Great experience at this seminar. It's a perfect mix of teaching and doing. Our instructor, Dustin, did a great job of making it fun and relaxed and really allowed us to get out of our comfort zone and practice what was being taught. I highly recommend the course, you'll immediately see a tremendous improvement in your ability to present and speak in public.
The Effective Presentations Class far exceeded my expectations and was probably one of the most effective trainings that I have taken. The class is well structured and is on point in every aspect of allowing students to grasp concepts relating to communication. Effective Presentations instilled in me that this is not only a class on how to present power points, but more importantly, it taught me how to become an effective communicator. Matthew Penov was our instructor and was brilliant, patient, and conveyed the message perfectly. I would HIGHLY recommend this class for everyone.
This course will equip you to effectively communicate ideas in one on one conversations, round table discussions, and large presentations. You will have multiple opportunities to practice the layered elements of effective communication. You then receive personalized coaching and feedback. The Trainers are committed to improving your skills in a very non-threatening and FUN environment!
Awesome seminar! I learned so much and it was THE best training course I ever had, not just in public speaking but in general. Our instructor Dustin has a real gift of teaching this class and certainly made a difference in my life. I would recommend it to just about anyone who want to improve their presentation skills and even helps your communication skills in general. This course does get you out of your comfort zone but it is well worth it and you learn so much in just two days. The experience you get from this course is invaluable and you will not regret it. Contact me if you have any questions. I'll be happy to tell you about it.
I loved the flexibility of the virtual training sessions. I travel for work and already loose precious family time. The virtual class was perfect for me! Matt was very positive and gave me tools/techniques to feel confident speaking. Also, working on the "intent" of the presentation not the "content" has been a great tip in creating power point presentations. I highly recommend Effective Presentations training!
Effective Presentation training was one of the most rewarding and beneficial training classes I’ve ever taken. I took the training because of a fear of public speaking and a desire to speak professionally with confidence. Mike Fruciano and Matt Penov are amazingly skilled professional speakers and trainers. I gained so much knowledge from them. I was amazed at the transformation in myself that I experienced from the beginning of the class to the end. Mike and Matt make you feel incredibly comfortable and at ease. They did an outstanding job and this is outstanding training. This was a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend Effective Presentation training.
Unbelievable content! Mike Fruciano is so knowledgeable in the professional speaking area. Vital tools that I can use for a lifetime to help me improve my presentations. Well worth the investment.
These guys rock. You will not be disappointed!
Great experience! Matt laid out two days of well structured and fun instruction. This class gives you the basic foundation of delivering and formatting speeches which you see from the top public speakers. Very motivated with good knowledge and confidence to continue learning and improving presentations. Highly recommended to anyone looking at overcoming that fear we all have of public speaking!
So glad I took this class. You may not want to talk in front of others, but this course is enjoyable and I looked forward to going back the second day.
Learning how to be effective with my public speaking was always a goal of mine and new it was very important to furthering my career. I tried on my own but never could overcome the fear and stop using padding words. I searched online and attended a course with Mike and it was life changing. I recommend that everyone that speaks in any size groups take this course. This was awesome and will be having my team take it also.
Develop my presentation skills to transform yourself from inexperienced speaker to skilled presenter.
Would highly recommend taking a course with them! They were able to provide us with a ton of easy-to-use information that we were able to put to use right away. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to tailor the class to our needs - resolving any issues we had and telling us what we needed to do (and how to do it) in order to give a more effective presentation. Even after the class, I called my instructor with a question and he was more than happy to help! Even if you don't have problems with public speaking, I would still recommend checking out their courses because I think everyone could learn something and improve their presentations or public speaking.
Quick service. Brilliant condition.The goods I ordered were top quality as was their packaging. No less than anyone could expect and they delivery time was prompt. I would rate this company and use them again without hesitation. Fast and efficient service.
I read some blog posts and they were inspiring then I realized Effective Presentations does virtual coaching all over the world. I live in Bangladesh and the 4-hour virtual training we did was impressive. I was live on my computer with one of their trainers and It really helped with the structure and delivery on my presentation. I feel so confident that I can’t wait for my next sales presentation and I will be referring my colleagues to Effective Presentations for virtual training.
Their program makes all the difference in the world , totally gives you the extra confidence and Executive presence in your presentations. Wonderful program!
Successful presenters understand that what the audience sees in a presentation makes a stronger impact than the words they hear. We’ve been wired to take in information primarily through our eyes ever since cave dwellers began looking over their shoulders for approaching mastodons. However, giving a presentation is not an easy task; it requires substantial research, organization, public speaking skills, and self-confidence. A good presenter has the ability to engage his or her listeners from beginning to end and compel them to take action.Those who wish to learn presentation skills can get incredible training from expert presenters through classes or courses offered by the staff at effective presentations. There highly effective training did wonders for me.
I had a wonderful time at the Effective Presentations workshop. It was highly interactive and I had a lot of fun, all while improving my communication and public speaking skills. I definitely recommend these workshops.
I did not know what to expect. This class was useful, enlightening and effective. I have tools that I can use in presentations and everyday life. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their communication skills.


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