Improve Your Presentation & Public Speaking Skills With Greater Confidence & More Clarity to Deliver a Message That Captivates Your Audience!

This Popular Workshop Will Reveal the Proven Tips, Techniques & Methods You Need to Take Your Speaking Skills to The Next Level

Kansas City Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

My team and I attended the presentation skills two-day workshop. We are a team of sales trainers, and really enjoyed the specific skills we learned to enhance our presentation/training sessions. Tyler was a very safe and positive leader. I appreciated his thoughtful and respectful presence!
Tyler was great. Highly knowledgeable and skilled at what he does. Would 100% recommend this course and Tyler to a friend/colleague. Thanks for the investment Tyler!
I recently took the Effective Presentations Public Speaking and Presentation Course and can not say enough good things about it. The team at Effective Presentations is just wonderful along with the content. I HIGHLY recommend this course and structure for anyone looking to sharpen their professional skills. As professionals we "present" a lot more than you would think in the professional environment and having this skill set and knowledge will propel you. Thanks again Mike and Effective Presentations!
This training will truly have your confidence at an all time high in terms of public speaking. These speech coaches break down all the intricacies of key speaking techniques to make even an ordinary speaker into a memorable and captivating communicator.
The skills taught in their Presentation Skills class are skills applicable to everyone. Effective Presentations helped me isolate issues that I can personally work on in any kind of speaking venue. I'm glad I attended.
The class was excellent and everyone improved significantly. I would highly recommend it for beginners as well as seasoned speakers - great refresher.
Very fun and energetic class on effective presentation. Easy to follow and learn!
Shout out to Breelyn Bowe for making the experience fun and informative. I feel more confident in my presenting skills. 👍🏾
Presenter made it comfortable and understandable to make an effective presentation!!!!
Loved my training experience with Effective Presentations! I came out feeling more confident about public speaking. Thanks to Dustin!
I learned so much more from this class than an entire semester of public speaking in college. Thank you, Breelyn!
Leron was my teacher, and he really knocked it out of the park with a wonderful attitude and deep understanding of the material. The concepts that were covered in the class have already been serving me well as a true foundation to build my own style of presenting.
Saw tremendous improvement over the course of 2 days. Very practical, engaging, and helpful
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to Jessiee!
Great experience! Breelyn is a stud!
Breelyn did an amazing job keeping everyone engaged and the session moving at a great pace.
Breelyn was fantastic! She was a great presenter and teacher! I grew my presenting rapidly when going through this training. Would definitely recommend!
This was such an important and impactful training. Breelyn did an amazing job. Effective use of the time we had and did a great job as an instructor. Made a huge difference in my presentation skills. Looking forward to the next training.
Great work. You brought me out of my shell.I’m ready to present now
I feel more confident in my ability to have an effective presentation. Great job.
Hello my name is Aaron from Prison Fellowship who recently attended a workshop with Effective Presentations. I have attended a number of workshops, but this workshop was fun, energetic and filled with fun activities. The presenter, Jessie did an amazing job, she was warm, intriguing and keep us completed engaged. I would recommend this training to all my peers.
Amazing training! Jordan Jones is a great facilitator, kind, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I will recommend it!
I took the 2-day workshop and this training blew my expectations. Our trainer Breelyn was amazing! I was with 5 others from my company and we all can positively say that this was one of the most productive, fun-filled, and engaging trainings we have ever done before. I walked away with a newfound confidence when speaking in front of people that I did not possess before this training. Again, thanks for this amazing and engaging public speaking course!
Great training class. They give you all they have to help you! I feel like I improved in just 2 days!! Breelyn was a great instructor!
I was not expecting to enjoy working on Public Speaking with a group of strangers or improve my skills so quickly but it was a great experience! The instructors were funny and effective with affirming instructions. I will use these skills everyday.
This class was amazing! Dustin was my teacher and he did a phenomenal job! I would highly recommend this class for anyone that is looking to improve. The curriculum is very hands-on (unlike some classes which aren't practical and are "death by Power Point". This is hands down the best presentation class I have ever taken!!
My experience has been nothing short of amazing. Leron Barnes has done a fantastic job during the 3 week class. I have learned so much and im super excited on what happens next. I highly recommend this to everyone!!
Took the Public Speaking class, and loved it, Dustin was great at teaching us, it was amazing to watch how much we progressed in just 2 days from the videos of our very first presentation to our final one. I would definely take the class again and HIGHLY recommend this class
Breelyn was amazing!!! Left me with so many helpful tips and tricks. 4 hours flew by, it was super engaging. Would recommend :)
Great presentation and effective communication skills! Breelyn was very informative with good tips!
Breelyn did a phenomenal job and taught us many different effective presentation skills. Thank you!
Breelyn came into our office to give a presentation on effective presentation skills. Highly recommend!
This was awesome! Breelyn was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable! Thank you for teaching me something new :)
Super friendly! They made a difficult class so much easier to do!
I had a single important presentation to give and got coaching from Effective Presentations. The advice and coaching I got was incredibly useful and relevant and I was able to deliver a great speech. The attention to detail was amazing and the advice was highly actionable. The speech was very well received and I have no doubt that the coaching I got was a major factor. I feel very grateful to Mike and Breelyn for their help and would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills or prepare for a high stakes presentation.
I have had such positive interactions with ALL of the people with Effective Presentations. They have been accommodating, kind and a pleasure to work with..! I highly recommend the course. I went in skeptical and came out a confident speaker and communicator. Dusty was an extraordinary instructor. I hope to take more courses in the future. Thank you Effective Presentations!Marty AppletonFeeding America West Michigan
Worth every penny and every second! Kept my attention for 2 days and pushes me to improve my speaking skills. Highly recommend!
Breelyn is a skilled communications expert! Learned so much from this class!
Breelyn was a wonderful presenter. The training was very beneficial.
BreeLynn was best training presenter I have ever had. I highly recommend and she is the gold standard.
Breelyn was great!!
Dusty was an amazing trainer. I'm very grateful for the new tools I have for Effective Presentations! Thank you.
Just finished a great three-week workshop on public speaking with Jordan. These classes are well worth the money and are the subject matter is really tailored to the individuals in the class. I feel better prepared to present in my career and would certainly enroll in another course should the opportunity arise!
great, practical presentation skills with practice and examples-
I highly recommend Effective Presentations! One of the best seminars I have ever attended! I was very impressed with the facilitator, Dustin Leffingwell. Dusty was outstanding and the other participants were a total delight!The ability to learn new concepts, be video-taped and watch them back, along with feedback from Dusty and the other participants was extremely beneficial. It will certainly make a difference to improving and my presentation skills!
Jordan Jones was an excellent instructor, he gave great, real-time feedback. The class was enjoyable and I learned a lot.
Breelyn is an amazing instructor. Very welcoming and motivating. She met my expectations 100% and I will recommend others to join this class. I loved every second of it. Thank you
Breelyn was outstanding. Great class
What an amazing two day’s I had at the presentation workshop. Dustin was a great instructor, and he kept the class fully engaged with a ton of fun presentations. The tools I came away with after two days has changed my life. I highly recommend this course and can’t wait to take the next course with Effective Presentations.
This was one of the best and most useful PDs I’ve ever experienced. Breelyn is an exceptionally gifted presenter and trainer! Thank you!
Breelyn did an awesome job and really helped me be a better public speaker. Cant thank her enough.
Breelyn was amazing! She shared content in a way that was easily understandable and transferable to our needs. Her sincerity made us feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable!
Breelyn was engaging and brilliant! Loved every moment of the training.
Jordan Jones put on a multi-session training on presentations that was very personable and actionable. I appreciated his insights, findings from research, and encouragement through the different sessions.
Jordan is a phenomenal instructor, this class was awesome. I learned more than I ever expected. This course is spot on for anyone who desires to learn public speaking and even more for those who already are. In three sessions everyone was better than when we came in.I'm definitely going to request more trainings with Effective Presentations as well as I would Highly recommend these courses which have proven to be life changing.~Paula Y. Wilkins
I felt Jordan delivered a great virtual course. I recommend it for anyone looking to take a step forward in their public speaking abilities!
I really enjoyed The Effective Presentations Workshop and walked away feeling more confident in my speaking skills. Jordan Jones is gifted with the ability to re-shape our verbal presentations, without causing the participants to feel criticized. I saw significant improvement in my presentations and the skills of other group members. Thank you, Jordan and Effective Presentations.
This was by far the most practical workshop I’ve ever attended. At the end of day one, I came away with solid techniques to practice and hone into skills. There are a lot of opportunities to practice and get feedback, both from other participants and the instructor, which was invaluable. Speaking of instructors, Mike was fantastic! He understands public speaking/presenting so well and can quickly assess your shortcomings and provide immediate ways to improve. He’s also super supportive and confidence boosting. I’d definitely take other workshops with him. 10/10 RECOMMEND!
The two day workshop exceeded my expectations. 5 stars is not enough to describe how phenomenal this Public Speaking Training Course was. I was fully engaged throughout. It was filled with a variety of fun exercises that build and improve on your presentation skills. The difference that I feel towards presenting is astounding, and I’m amazed that this was possible in just two days. I can’t remember any course that I’ve taken that I’ve enjoyed more. Thanks Mike for conducting the trainingwith enormous energy, enthusiasm, belief and conviction. Great workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be a more effective presenter.Ed Chavez
I signed up dreading this class but left with so much confidence. This is definitely the best training I've ever attended. Mike does a great job at coaching and providing individual feedback to everyone in attendance. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for help with public speaking/executive presence/giving presentations.
Great environment and amazing instructors!! They provide you with the right tools to succed and with feedback that is efficient. Hands on right out of the gate.
Breelyn had amazing energy, great tips and concrete examples!
Trainer Breelyn was an outstanding facilitator. She was engaging, informative and fun. Most trainings that I have participated in drag on but Breelyn kept the class on track, on time and on point.
Great content to keep us engaged. Never felt it was 7 hour long training.
Jordan was an amazing instructor. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to improve or gain best practices while public speaking. The small class format created the opportunity to receive one on one instruction while learning from your peers. Thank you Jordan!
Took a course through work with Jordan.I was kind of shocked how effectively he was able to condense so many important facets of presentin g and speaking down into a small handful of simple and easy focus areas. The course was highly universal and I will be making strong recommendations based on my positive personal experience.
Our team was trained on Effective Presentations by Dustin Leffingwell. Without one single slide, Dustin was able to create a very engaging and interactive environment of learning and coaching. The exercises were not only helpful but fun and the 2 days pass by so quickly! Amazing 2 days!
We had a wildly successful training last week with a team that was able to meet for the first time since the pandemic began. Want to talk about trust building? This is the program and Dusty is the trainer for you! The exercises were lively and encouraged a team of acquaintances to establish rapport and be vulnerable within the first 90-minutes of the start time. Great lessons learned and wonderful memories. Thanks to EP as a whole, Mark, and Dusty!
Had an awesome time with Breelyn. I would definitely recommend
I enjoyed every moment of this 2 day workshop! Our facilitator, Breelyn, was outstanding as she was very interactive and engaging with positive, effective energy in her delivery. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to others. I walked away with many more tips and tricks in my toolbox on becoming a more dynamic, effective presenter. This was time well spent for sure!! Thanks so much Effective Presentations!!!
I loved this course with Jordan. He is an amazing teacher and presenter. His natural approach and easy going attitude allowed me to relax, feel comfortable in my own skin and forget about the anxieties around speaking. The lessons shared throughout added clarity, valuable insight and critical information for my ongoing journey in public speaking. I feel more confidence and inspiration to take it to the next level. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to gain answers, motivation and the necessary tools to become a successful presenter. Thank you so much!
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this course I learned how important it is in life to have effective communication skills that I didn't have before, in addition I really want to thank the instructor Jordan for his time and content that he shared with us I can honestly say in just a short amount of time anybody can learn good content in depth if they haven't done so yet, also he educated us with great examples with live speakers, demonstrations in class on how we can have more effective communication publicly or individually and actually doing hands on work which was great to be a part of. Thanks again for the time, education, and continuous support with us I will definitely keep in touch.
Dusty is the man. I walked into training expecting a slide deck and another boring training session. He kept the room engaged for 8 hrs and I probably progressed more as a speaker in that time than during my entire career. If you have a position where you talk to anyone, ever, I would 100% recommend working with these guys. I’ve already recommended that my company have Dusty back out for a few other people to attend the training, and I will be taking part again.
We are very happy to have a training session with Dustin who surprised us with his professional background, training skills and engagement. This is one of the most amazing training I have had.
The staff at Effective Presentations are some of the best in the business. The class leads to a significant improvement in presentation skills by the end of class and the participants always enjoy the experience.
Very effective! Improvement shown in less than 8 hours.
Breelyn was an amazing trainer. She was extremely knowledgable and prepared. She made everyone feel at ease and really made the experience fun. Everyone improved and gained some valuable pearls as well as areas for continued focus.
This helped me be more confident when presenting! Thank you Breelyn!

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Residence Inn - K.C. Airport: 10300 N. Ambassador Dr., Kansas City, MO 64153

December 14 & 15, 2023 (Thur/Fri)

8:30am - 4:30pm CST

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Kansas City Presentation & Public Speaking


Training Details:

  • Two full days of training
  • Recorded presentations & feedback
  • Individual one-on-one coaching
  • Maximum of 10 participants

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Real People. Real Results.

Our workshops are a blast to attend. You will leave with more confidence that you ever imagined!

Who Says Public Speaking Has to Be
Difficult or Downright Stressful?

The truth is – it doesn’t.

No matter if you’re a complete novice at giving speeches or presentations, or if you’ve been in the game for a while, there’s always room for growth or improvement.

When you possess the skill to speak well in front of others in a way that captures their attention, it becomes a real superpower in both life and business.

The secret to becoming a true master at public speaking about your delivery, your self-confidence, and your ability to take command and control of any room.

When you can combine all these vital components of public speaking, you’ll not only become great at talking, but you’ll also motivate, inspire, and educate your audience in a relatable (and likable) way!

In order to sharpen your vocal delivery and own the room using your natural body language, it’s important you understand the BEST techniques and methods that’ll make giving speeches more enjoyable (and less fearful).

Instead of trying to figure out all the best steps to overcome your fear of public speaking on your own, you now have the rare opportunity to learn from the very best to “fast track” your success

Introducing The

Kansas City’s #1
Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training Workshop

December 14-15, 2023

This upcoming workshop will cover everything you need to become a true master of communication and to give amazing presentations.

Each breakout session during this workshop will be jam-packed with practical exercises, stimulating activities, and recorded presentations to help you gain the rock-solid confidence and communication skills you need to succeed.

Because this workshop is limited to 10 people, you’ll receive personalized one-on-one coaching and get the individual attention you need to overcome your biggest public speaking obstacles.

What Will You Learn:

  • Speak with more confidence and a lot less fear
  • Persuade and engage your audience (big or small)
  • Deliver a powerful message that makes a lasting impact
  • Compel your audience to listen to you and take action
  • Leave a positive impression that will “wow” any audience

14 & 15

Here’s everything you’ll receive during this training workshop…

  • 2 days of effective public speaking training
  • Training manual packed with great resources
  • Individual one-on-one coaching to improve your skills
  • Access to recorded presentations and expert feedback

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Frequently asked questions

The short answer: Everyone!

The long answer: If you have ever wanted to improve your communication and/or public speaking skills, this workshop is for you. Even the most seasoned professionals can benefit from improved public speaking skills. The better your communication, the greater your success – in business and in life.

2-Day Workshops will be 8 hours of training each day, with one of those hours being dedicated to lunch (provided!). Your trainer will frequently take short breaks throughout the training (typically once per hour).

Check out our events page under “Find a Workshop” – we visit a new city each month. Don’t see your city? Let us know!

Our Open Enrollment Workshops are limited to 10 participants, to best facilitate our highly interactive curriculum, and maximize learning and personal progression.

While there is no formal dress code for our workshops, we suggest that your attire is business casual. More information regarding dress code will be included in your formal Workshop Confirmation email.

Just a great attitude! All necessary training materials will be provided by your trainer upon your arrival. If you would like to use your laptop/tablet during our regularly scheduled breaks, you are more than welcome to. While PowerPoint/slide deck presentations are not required, if you would like to use one for your final presentation, just be sure to get the file to your trainer either via email or on a thumb/flash drive.

The specific location of your training, along with other pertinent details, will be sent to you in your formal Workshop Confirmation.

We have many skilled and qualified trainers ready to facilitate your workshop and answer any questions you may have! You may not know who your specific trainer will be until the week of, but you may look at each of our trainers’ bios under About:Our Training Team.”

Our Presentation Skills Workshop focuses on the delivery of your communication, while the Messaging Skills Workshop covers organization and structure of your message. Check out our workshop pages for more info!

Absolutely! Many of the trainings we deliver are specifically for corporate groups: virtual OR on-site, anywhere in the world. Check out “For My Team” in the top menu.

Event Details

Start date: December 14, 2023

End date: December 15, 2023

Start time: 08:30 a.m.

End time: 04:30 p.m.

Venue: Residence Inn - K.C. Airport: 10300 N. Ambassador Dr., Kansas City, MO 64153