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Effective Presentations – The Right Choice

Effective Presentations is the premier provider of public speaking and presentation skills training in the nation. We are grateful to have worked with thousands of individuals on both a personal and professional level – and have advanced the culture and productivity of hundreds of companies around the world.

Be A Confident Public Speaker

Effective Presentations provides public speaking and presentation skills training to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Our hands-on training programs immediately instill confidence and help students overcome their fear of public speaking and move forward in their careers. Our training programs have changed the lives of thousands of individuals, on both a personal and professional level.

Whether it’s at your office or at a location near you, we’ll tailor a training program to fit your needs. By the end of our time together, even the shyest of individuals will feel more confident and better equipped to effectively deliver a presentation, regardless of the audience. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Contact us now.

Public Speaking Training Backed With Experience

The unique experience, skills, and personalities of our trainers are what makes us real. We’ve been in the trenches and at the board table, so we know the realities you face. We’ve handled big business, small business, and our own business and we’ve been responsible for the bottom line. Most importantly, we’ve got insight, wisdom, and encouragement to transform you into an articulate, confident communicator.

Effective Presentations’ professional training courses allow you to be a more effective communicator. Imagine easily and confidently delivering solid business presentations or converting cold calls into sales—every time! Effective Presentations positions you to strengthen your relationships on every level to make more sales, close more deals, and get what you want.

Learn Presentation Skills From The Best

Effective Presentations was founded in 2004 by Mike Fruciano, who has nearly 30 years of corporate training and sales experience. Mike is supported by the most capable keynote speakers and nationally certified trainers in the business who solidify the Effective Presentations team.

We are the people – corporate executives, entrepreneurs, college professors, and professional athletes and coaches – you want in your corner. Each member of our team possesses a demonstrated record of success and achievement. Our stories, strategies, and powerful delivery will inspire you to strive for excellence and achieve your goals.

Training That’s Fun, Effective, and Just Works

Best of all, our training is fun. We combine our proven training methods with hands-on learning through engaging activities to draw you out of your shell. We’ll help you develop the critical soft skills you need to build stronger relationships to move your career forward.

Are you ready to change your life? Contact us today and we’ll start building a personalized plan to develop your talents. We will review with you our various courses and, together, decide which are best for you.

Boost your confidence by overcoming your fear of public speaking. We’ll show you how. Call us today at 800-403- 6598.

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