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Oct 10-11

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  • ✓ Conquer your fear of public speaking
  • ✓ Radiate confidence and poise in any venue
  • ✓ Compel others with your thoughts and ideas

Presentation Skills TrainingHouston, TX

Presentation Training in Houston

Gear up for an extraordinary presentation skills training experience, Houston. Effective Presentations has its sights set on transforming you into a stellar communicator, confident speaker, and all around proven leader. If you’ve been thinking of working on your presentation skills, we’re here to help.

Our brand of presentation skills instruction is fun, it’s effective, and it’s guaranteed to get immediate results. You will see significant improvement in your public speaking and presentation abilities after just one presentation training session with us in Houston.

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Houston Presentation Skills Training

October 10 – 11, 2019

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Houston Airport Hotel
Houston, TX
8:30am - 4:30pm

Oct 10 & 11, 2019


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Sales Training in Houston

Corporate sales training has never been more exciting! We offer hands-on, interactive learning so that you can practice and perfect the corporate training techniques you learn from us. We'll work with your unique style to maximize your level of success.

We offer basic, intermediate, and advanced corporate sales training, each of which deliver meaningful skill-building tips and techniques. Choose the training level that best suits your needs:

BasicA four-hour workshop that provides a quick review of fundamental sales foundation building blocks and gives you a chance to practice applying these components to your situation.

IntermediateA one-day workshop for anyone who wants to develop a successful career in sales. We explain basic sales elements in detail so you can lay a solid customer satisfaction foundation. We go through the entire sales process, step by step.

AdvancedOur two-day workshop gives serious sales professionals the key to unlocking their potential by providing the training offered in our intermediate workshop PLUS extensive one-on-one coaching and brainstorming about your particular industry and sales situation.

Communication Skills Training That Gets Results

Enrolling in one our Corporate Training courses sets you for professional growth and development. Our workshops immediately heighten your ability to lead and motivate others effectively. We guarantee you'll see your team become active communicators!

Our popular Effective Communication Training workshops build your ability to connect with others, inside and outside of the workplace. Connect with clients in an authentic and persuasive manner and watch your success levels climb.

If your Houston-area team is hungry for success and ready to accelerate its business growth, sign up today for our next exciting workshop and prepare to see maximum results!

Serving: Beaumont, College Station, Galveston, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, The Woodlands and also Lake Charles, Louisiana

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