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Attended one of our workshops?

Mike, just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding job in teaching my people how to be more effective in their presentations. They really enjoyed your style and the overall approach, and are implementing the various techniques they learned in your class. Please let me know if you need a reference as I would welcome the opportunity to be one.

Mike Waldron VP of Sales and Marketing Inflexxion, Inc. – Newton , MA

After spending some time after the training with the rest of the team it was a consensus that it was one of the best trainings we have had. I think the practicality of it was so refreshing and you clearly demonstrated the skills you were teaching.

Jeannie Deegan Industry Director Biotechnology Fisher Scientific – Pittsburgh, PA

The corporate training you did for our organization was life changing for all of our employee’s.  We can’t wait to bring you back next year for our National Sales Meeting.  Our productivity has increased tremendously this last quarter.

Richard Shell President Shell Mining – Phoenix , AZ

Matt, I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the time you gave us this last couple of days.  You did an excellent job.  Your experience and knowledge, as well as great stories and examples, really helped us understand what it takes to be an effective presenter.

Jim Christie Business Development Manager Performance Services – Indianapolis, IN

Since attending Mike Fruciano’s  Effective Presentations workshop I have experienced a huge transformation. My confidence has sky rocketed as a result of learning and applying the many effective techniques from the two day workshop.  Whether I am speaking to a room of 100 collegiate football players and coaches, or working with a small group of athletes,  I am able to capture the audience and own the stage. As a Sport Psychologist, my business has significantly increased, and I know in part, this is because of what I have learned from Mike. He is a dynamic teacher, and his knowledge and expertise are equally matched with his warmth and humor.  He effortlessly combines practical skills with ample opportunities for application and reflection. The tools and techniques that I have learned from the workshop are invaluable! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to take their presentation skills to the next level. Thank you Mike!

Edward Chavez  Ph.D. Institute of Optimal Performance – Colorado Springs , CO

I did not know what to expect.  This class was useful, enlightening and effective.  I have tools that I can use in presentations and everyday life.  I would recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their communication skills.

David Belliveau Sr. Project Manager Charron Consulting – Denver , CO

Finally decided to address a big gap in my career and learn how to effectively communicate my topic.  Now I wish I had done it 20 years earlier!  I am much more confident in my ability to present.

Michael Thornley CFO B2B CFO – Denver , CO

This training exceeded my expectations.  Mike is extremely passionate about everyone’s success.  I will recommend Effective Presentations to everyone.

Brad Killgore Public Speaker And Seminar Coach Killgore Communications – Denver , CO

Whether you regularly speak in front of small groups of 5 or huge venues of 50,000, Effective Presentations will open your eyes to what you do well and ways to improve.  From tips on effective presentation skills to tactics on capturing and holding your audience this course makes you more confident and competent all while having fun in the process.

Dave Yohe Director of Marketing

Dear Effective Presentations, This was the first time this week I didn’t feel like falling asleep.  One of the best, most comfortable public speakers I have ever observed.  I learned more from Mike in 2 days than my whole college career.

Edward Wilson Halliburton

The Effective Presentation Skills course taught by Michael Fruciano has changed my life.  I learned the invaluable truth that the impact of my message depends more upon various nonverbal skills than the actual words coming out of my mouth. Speaking of words coming out of my mouth.  I finally found exercises from the presentation skills training that have helped me cut the ‘um’s, uh’s, and’s, etc’ out of my presentations.  I wish I could say I am no longer nervous when I am presenting, but that’s not how it works.  I can proudly say though, that I am able to channel that energy and stand with confidence in front of any group.  I believe my experience with the Effective Presentation Skills workshop will result in professional presentations and increase my bottom line in sales.

Jarrod Morris Implementation Manager

I spoke at a luncheon last Thursday and knocked it out of the ball park!  It was by far the best presentation I’ve ever done.  At the end of the talk the entire audience was welling up with tears and the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  It was awesome!  I absolutely connected with each woman there (all 60 of them)!  Thank you for helping me realize my life’s work and supporting me with your friendship.

Michelle McDermott Las Vegas, Nevada

Effective Presentations public speaking training class is a must have if you truly want to be a great communicator.  It opens your eyes to things you normally wouldn’t think of when speaking in front of a group of 1 or 100 people.  This public speaking course covers all aspects from posture to voice tonality and teaches you how to be a master communicator and an effective confident public speaker.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their speaking skills to the next level.

Clint Gardner Tier II Support Rep

Expert Facilitation…Thank you for the excellent presentation on Hope, Attitude & Expectations…Matt presented a serious topic and made the learning enjoyable.  I can honestly say he has made a difference in the way we approach our jobs.

J.F. CFO ProLogis

At first I was skeptical that the Effective Presentations Skills would be worth my time.  I’ve taken several public speaking courses before and figured I’d heard it all.  About half way through the first day however, it came to me.  It wasn’t the techniques or concepts that were making a difference, it was the immediate practice and feedback that were so effective.  Mike was taking us from concept to reality immediately.  I couldn’t hide behind the lie that just because I knew something that I could do it.  Mike said Go and we had to do it.  Scary, but extremely effective.  I ended up learning a lot of new things I hadn’t heard before as well.  In the week since, I’ve caught myself practicing several of the techniques whether on the phone with a client, speaking face to face with clients or co-workers, or even just talking to my wife and children.  My skepticism was blown out the door and has been replaced by appreciation and excitement.

Nicholas Neilson Deployment Manager

I want to thank you for putting on an exceptional advanced presentation skills training class that far exceeded my expectations.  I went into the class feeling very anxious and nervous about giving presentations.  I had a fear from public speaking and it was amazing how just by the end of day one the amount confidence I gained and the valuable skills that I learned.  I would highly recommend this class to everyone!

Carolyn Acker Marketing Coordinator

The Effective Presentation Skills Course was very effective in helping me recognize the areas in which I need to improve as a communicator and public speaker. There are so many things that most public speakers do wrong, and this course not only helped me to identify them, but also did a good job teaching the right things to replace them with.

Joseph Mask

I recently participated in your public speaking seminar and wanted to commend you on your level of professionalism and outstanding course presentation.  The in-class personal presentations and your ability to convey the course material taught me how to take my own presentation skills to the next level.  I have truly grown professionally because of your outstanding instruction.  Thank you for your dedication to refining the skills of other professionals.

Charles Porter Vice President Radio Resource Inc.

I recently attended your public speaking seminar and wanted to let you know how valuable I found the entire presentation.  In my opinion, everyone could benefit from taking this training course, whether they are public speakers, or not.  The information and skills taught will help me speak more effectively as well as communicate with emphasis with clients, prospective clients, groups and one on one with all people that I have conversations with throughout my day.  From the ‘opening’ clear through to ‘the close’, I feel that I’m better able to convey what I need to say, with ease.  Basically put, ‘one just does not know what they don’t know’ about speaking in front of people, public and/or privately.

You were a master at teaching this material–making it fun, interactive and having the ability to put everyone at ease.  I appreciate all the helpful advice, coaching and support that you gave at the time of the class and that you continue to give currently.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this communication skills training to everyone. It’s truly a must for those who do public speaking and a great value to anyone else that has an occasion to speak to a group, be it for 1 minute or 5 hours.

Thank you so much for everything!!! Dawn Margowski BNI Area Director Denver, CO

Mathew Penov is personable, approachable & very entertaining.  I laughed out loud! Mixing his sense of humor and personal experiences, he kept us alert and inspired throughout the sessions.  One moment we were laughing and the next we were holding back tears.  He doesn’t just teach the lessons, he lives them!

David Keller ProLogis

I gained more valuable information on how to effectively present in 8 hours with Mike than the grand total I had accumulated in my entire life – plus, I got to practice the skills and gain valuable feedback from an expert.  I gave a presentation 2 days after the conclusion of the seminar and it was a raging success – the best presentation I’ve ever given, and it’s only going to get better from here!

Kyle Leavitt Sales Manager Infusionsoft – Gilbert , Arizona

I highly recommend the Effective Presentation Skills Workshop.  Whether you are a seasoned speaker or just aspiring to speak this course is a must!  I have been teaching and doing public speaking for many years now, and after taking this seminar my presentation skills have absolutely gone to new level.  I have noticed a dramatic difference in my confidence and ability to present material in a more meaningful way and the feedback I’ve gotten from audiences has never been better.  Mike Fruciano is a great teacher whose style empowers you to be the best you can be. If you aspire to be the best then don’t wait another moment.  This course will ensure your success.

Amira Watters President The Wild Flower Nature’s Alternative

Matt was absolutely wonderful; an excellent instructor who is passionate about his subject.  He controls the class in a whirlwind style that is both exciting & interesting!  Grade A…Give him a raise!

M.Y. Mia Sun SFS

Outstanding, incredibly practical, and great fun.  the best communication skills workshop I’ve ever had, and ‘definitely worth the two days we invested were comments I heard from the staff after you led the workshop on communication skills.  We are very grateful to you for your time and expertise in providing such a quality training experience for us.  May God multiply what you have given us by enabling us to remember and utilize what you have taught us when ministering to others.

Jerry Nelson Pastor Southern Gables Church – Denver , Colorado

I wanted to let you know that I have been offered one position and likely will be offered another this week.  Both jobs are very desirable with great potential.  I believe that my presentation skills seminar with you took me to another level of communication.  My focus on eye contact and engaging with the individual has increased my effectiveness dramatically.  I am much more relaxed and a better speaker – communicator in every situation.  I actually look forward to interviews now!  Thanks a bunch for your help.

Steve Kittridge Phoenix, Arizona

Awesome Training!  Thanks for all your constructive criticism.  You have such great ideas!  I’ll definitely be calling you for future advice and trainings!  Your presentation skills workshop was invaluable.

Mimi Cohee Executive Area Manager Arbonne International – Palm Desert , California

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