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  • ✓   Conquer your fear of public speaking
  • ✓   Radiate confidence and poise in any venue
  • ✓   Compel others with your thoughts and ideas

Presentation Training, Public Speaking Workshops, Classes and Seminars

From public speaking engagements to board meetings, sales presentations to client retention, and business presentations to effective leadership and team building, Effective Presentations empowers you to cultivate and sustain relationships at every level!

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Corporate Onsite Workshops

Effective Presentations’ proven, results-driven corporate training programs are all about communication!

We facilitate highly interactive onsite training workshops that strengthen leadership, boost employee morale, and promote teamwork, productivity and sales! More »

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Individual Training & Coaching

Individuals and small businesses have access to the same powerful communication skills training we deliver to Fortune 500 corporations across the country.

Learn the secrets of the pros and immediately accelerate your professional growth and development! More »

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Upcoming Training Events

Our public speaking and presentations skills training workshops feature small class sizes, personalized coaching from Nationally Certified Trainers and a Money Back Guarantee! More »

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Programs and Services

We’re not academics, we’re experts! With decades of practical, real-world experience, our team understands your challenges and we have developed a powerhouse of programs and services designed to meet your needs. We don’t believe in better – we believe in BEST!

  • business presentations

    Business Presentations


  • skill coach

    Presentation Skills

    Deliver Powerful Presentions

  • virtual online training

    Virtual Training

    Live • Private • Convenient

  • sales presentation

    Sales Training

    The Best Presenter Always Wins

  • keynote speaker

    Keynote Speakers


  • video marketing

    Video Production


  • executive coaching

    Executive Coaching


  • leadership

    Leadership Training

    Leaders Today

  • Be more confident, get that promotion!2,601Job Promotions
  • Take charge of that meeting!12,782Bold Presenters
  • Conquer your fear of public speaking!26,580Fears Overcome
  • It just wasn't your day.3Epic Fails 

Trainers and Speakers

Our team includes some of the most experienced, interesting and inspiring speakers and trainers in the world!

  • Michael Fruciano

    Mike Fruciano

    A skilled public speaking coach and communicator, Mike infuses innovation and fresh ideas, giving you confidence to overcome your fears and deliver effective presentations.

  • Matt Penov

    Matt Penov

    Matt thrives on bottom-line results, helping people develop unity in their personal, professional and spiritual lives to reach beyond their wildest expectations.

  • Woody Clouse Motivational Speaker

    Woody Clouse

    From the racquetball courts to Fortune 500 corporations, Woody’s experience in competition and wisdom about the winner’s mindset is inspiring and encouraging.

  • David Treadwell Broncos Speaker

    David Treadwell

    David is one of the most valuable speakers you may hear. A seasoned keynote speaker and emcee, this former NFL Bronco has enthralled audiences of all ages.

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  • Mark Allen

    mark allen


  • Effective Presentations provided executive presentation training that well exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful that I took this training because I was skeptical and it was amazing.
  • David Belliveau

    David Belliveau

    Senior Project Manager
    Charron Consulting

  • I did not know what to expect. This class was useful, enlightening and effective. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their communication skills.
  • Brad Killgore

    Brad Killgore

    Seminar Coach
    Killgore Communications

  • This training exceeded my expectations. Mike is extremely passionate about everyone's success. I'll recommend Effective Presentations to everyone.
  • Dave Yohe

    Dave Yohe

    Dave Yohe
    Director of Marketing

  • Whether you speak in small groups or huge venues, EP will open your eyes to what you do well and ways to improve. This course makes you more confident and competent while having fun.
  • Jarrod Morris

    Jarrod Morris

    Implementation Manager

  • This course changed my life. I learned that the impact of my message depends more upon non-verbal skills than the words coming out of my mouth.
  • Amira Watters

    Amira Watters

    The Wild Flower Nature’s Alternative

  • I've been teaching and doing public speaking for many years and, after taking this seminar, my presentation skills have absolutely gone to new level.
  • Jim Christie

    Jim Christie

    Business Development Manager
    Performance Services

  • Matt, I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the time you gave us this last couple of days. You really helped us understand what it takes to be an effective presenter.
  • Jeannie Deegan

    Jeannie Deegan

    Industry Director Biotechnology
    Fisher Scientific

  • One of the best trainings we have had. The practicality of it was refreshing and you clearly demonstrated the skills you were teaching.
  • Mike Waldron

    Mike Waldron

    VP of Sales and Marketing
    Inflexxion, Inc.

  • Mike, thank you for the outstanding job in teaching my people how to be more effective in their presentations. They really enjoyed your approach and are implementing the techniques they learned.

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Should You Use Humor in Your Presentations?

Funny Presentations: They’re the Ones You Remember One of the most powerful communication tools you can use to deliver your message is humor. It’s what makes you real. And when it’s used appropriately, it can be one of the most effective ways to make your presentation memorable.
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Speak Confidently: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Presenters Make

Public Speaking With Confidence What is it about public speaking that robs people of their confidence? They stand up in front of a group and all of a sudden their shoulders drop, they fidget, and it’s blatantly obvious to everyone that they don’t want to be there.
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Essential Skills For That Executive Presence

Our executive presentation training small group workshops provide hands-on training guaranteed to transform our participants into powerful storytellers. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, We offer a variety presentation skills training programs that will help you overcome your fear of public speaking and dramatically improve your communication skills! Effective Presentations also offers interactive seminars for larger groups, Live Virtual training providing a time and cost effective alternative to classroom training, and one-one-one coaching.

Business Presentation Training

Our highly interactive small group presentation skills workshops ensure each participant masters essential verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Thru effective presentation tips, role-play exercises, stimulating activities, videotaped practice presentations and plenty of examples of strong presentations our training delivers. These workshops outline what makes a presentation effective and also explore essential techniques for success that empower you to speak like a pro. Whether you’re persuading prospective clients, inspiring your team or educating your audience, effectivepresentations.com presentation coaching will position you to radiate confidence and deliver powerful presentations every time you speak!