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Conquer your fear of public speaking, radiate confidence, and compel others with your ideas.


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Until it’s time to get up and speak, most people don’t put much thought into their public speaking abilities or presentations skills. Then the day comes, and you suddenly feel incredibly ill-prepared, fearful and uncertain.

Best Presentation Skills Training in Houston

What better place to optimize your communication and presentation skills than Houston, a city known as a business epicenter! From its founding in 1832, by brothers John and Augustus Allen, Houston has long been regarded as an entrepreneurial hub and a place of prosperity and opportunity.

Winning in this capital of commerce requires highly effective communication skills, and our Houston Presentation Skills training will empower you to exude confidence and consistently get results!

The Cunning Fear of Public Speaking

Will I be able to communicate my message clearly? Will I inspire the audience? Can I actually persuade my listeners? With presentation skills training from Effective Presentations, the answer will always be “Yes!”

Captivate Your Next Audience

That’s your call to duty! Join us for our Houston Presentations Skills workshop and we’ll prepare you to turn every meeting or interaction into a real opportunity for success!

The Effective Presentations Difference

We will help you develop solid, practical skills in this highly interactive Houston Presentation Skills course as we work with to create and deliver a number of short, impromptu presentations alongside your fellow learners.

Each of your presentations will be recorded and followed up with personal, helpful, and immediate feedback from a nationally certified trainer.

This rapid feedback system allows you to instantly assimilate the critical knowledge that will enable you to grow and strengthen your unique style of communication.

Sustain and Maximize Your Learning

Developing your new skills is only the first step toward ultimate success. All workshop participants will receive Effective Presentations’ exclusive training manual and a professionally edited DVD of their recorded presentations.

These tools serve as your road-map to further your professional growth and development with ongoing diligence and a sustained effort.

We also offer followup 1-1 coaching, and your instructor is never more than a phone call or emails away!

Houston Presentation Skills Training

TBD Houston Airport Hotel, Houston April 16 – 17

8:30 – 4:30   –   $1495

All workshops limited to 10 registrants!

Seats Remaining  7