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Advanced presentation skills training will improve your public speaking

Messaging and Structure Training to Take You to the Next Level

You’ve learned from the best and you’ve overcome your fear of public speaking. Now what?

Here’s where you go from simply being capable and confident enough to speak to be an expert communicator, to one who draws an audience in with captivating storytelling skills and keeps them engaged with your ability to entertain and inspire.

Effective Presentations’ Messaging and Structure is a transformational program; it builds on the competencies you learned at our Effective Presentation Skills training workshop to accelerate you to the next level of public speaking. You’ll complete this intensive training ready to carefully prepare a stellar presentation with confidence and authority. Your public speaking ability will go through the roof and you’ll have an unrivaled ability to persuade listeners.

Every opportunity you have to get in front of a room and speak is an opportunity you can’t afford to waste. Whether it’s a business presentation, a board meeting, or a team meeting, you want to know the people listening to you have trust and confidence in what you’re saying.

Our Messaging and Structure program delivers more practical learning and more in-depth instruction on key public speaking strategies you can implement every day in every speaking situation.

Messaging & Structure Workshop
  • June
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Messaging and Structure Skills Training

You know what works just as well as we do: interactive learning in a fun and supportive environment. Our one-day Messaging and Structure course gets you up and using the skills you learn with us immediately. Learn among friends and use the small group dynamic to correct your weaknesses and fortify your strengths.

As an Effective Presentations Skills graduate, you have exclusive access to our Messaging and Structure program, giving you even more instruction on how to craft your perfect message. No other training delivers this high-caliber, hands-on training where you'll:

  • Understand who you are as a speaker and build on your strengths
  • Develop a clear message and discover your purpose when speaking
  • Define your "why" and build rapport with your audience
  • Exude greater confidence and create a strong presence
  • Use effective and appropriate visual aids
  • Understand how to run an effective virtual meeting

Effective Presentations is one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my career in Guest Relations/Sales Training. Whether you are a seasoned presenter or new to the arena, there is something for everyone to learn and improve upon. The ability to learn concepts and then put them immediately into practice through videotaping was very effective. The one-on-one coaching was helpful as well. Not only did I gain insight into advanced presentation skills, but also in facilitation skills - WIN/WIN!

- Janet Kirschner

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