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Position Your Team

Effective business presentation skills are essential for organizational success, positioning your team to consistently demonstrate confidence, credibility, and expertise with both internal and external customers.

Business Presentation Skills Training

Whether you’re in leadership responsible for organizational growth, or on the front line accountable for sales or customer service, your ability to effectively engage and persuade others ultimately dictates your level of success. We will deliver training courses tailored to your unique company and particular situation. Depending on your objectives and schedule, we offer both Business Presentation Skills seminars and experiential workshops.

World Class Training

From CEO’s to the Front Line, Groups or Individuals

On-Site at Your Location

Training at Your Location

90% of our trainings are delivered Live On-Site at your location.
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Effective Business Presentations

Our corporate training workshops get immediate results that delivers a high ROI for the organizations we work. We create a dynamic and engaging learning environment, empowering your staff to:

  • Maximize ROI With Continued Coaching and Training
  • Think on their feet in meetings and in front of a crowd
  • Immediately command the audience with a powerful first impression
  • Employ both verbal and non-verbal techniques to engage the audience
  • Incorporate powerful visual aids
  • Exude confidence and poise when delivering business presentations
  • Inspire, compel and persuade others with their thoughts and ideas
  • Develop stronger, more sustainable relationships

Improve Employee Performance With Training

Experiential Business Presentations coaching and executive presentation training combine in-depth instruction with role-playing, practical exercises, and videotaped presentation practice. Everything we teach is based on science that works and is highly effective.

Our supportive learning environment enables your team to master essential verbal and non-verbal skills, cultivating vital techniques for success, and immediately begin delivering more effective presentations!

Maximize ROI With Continued Coaching and Training

Our Alumni Virtual Follow-Up coaching is designed to sustain and reinforce the skills you have learned while eliminating costly travel. This training can be scheduled for your entire group or one-on-one for specific members of your team.

As part of this follow-up training, you will be able to maximize your ROI with topic-driven sessions designed to promote continued growth and ensure critical skills assimilated during the workshop become a habit, maximizing your company’s return on investment.

Resources and Reference Materials For Continued Learning

Participants receive our exclusive training manual, as well as access to each of their videotaped presentations. First presentations and last are always drastically different.

Our Follow-up Alumni Coaching is an amazing resource to continue the learning process long after the workshop concludes

Companies want to know how to improve presentation skills of their organization and this hands-on approach has proven to be successful with even our most skeptical clients, as evidenced by the testimonials from many of our satisfied participants.

Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.