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Business Presentation Skills Training

Exceptional business presentation skills are essential for organizational success, positioning your team to consistently demonstrate confidence, credibility and expertise – prerequisites for cultivating successful relationships with both internal and external customers.

Whether you’re in leadership responsible for organizational growth, or on the front line responsible for sales or customer service, your ability to effectively engage and persuade others ultimately dictates your level of success.

Energize your team today with Business Presentation Skills training from Effective Presentations!

Corporate Presentation Training That Delivers

These business presentation and communication skills training workshops are a one-of-a-kind learning experience. They’re highly interactive and enjoyable, and every workshop is facilitated by a Nationally Certified Trainer.

Effective Presentations’ experiential Business Presentation Skills workshops combine in-depth training with role-play, practical exercises and videotaped presentation practice. Our healthy and supportive learning environment enables your team to quickly master essential verbal and non-verbal skills, cultivate essential techniques for success, and immediately begin delivering more effective presentations!

We’ll Get Your Team Presenting Like Pros!


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Corporate Presentation Training Tailored to Your Organization

Your organization is unique, as is your specific industry.  Our team at Effective Presentations is skilled at facilitating training courses tailored to your particular situation and, depending on your objectives and schedule, we offer both Business Presentation Skills seminars and experiential workshops.

Participants also receive Effective Presentations’ exclusive training manual, as well as a professionally edited DVD documenting each of their videotaped presentations, valuable tools to continue the learning process long after the workshop concludes.

This hands-on approach has proven to be successful with even our most skeptical clients, as evidenced by the testimonials from many of our satisfied participants.

Corporate Business Presentation Skills Workshop Benefits

Effective Presentations Business Presentation Skills training workshops consist of intensive one-on-one mentoring with our certified trainers, in a dynamic and engaging learning environment, empowering your staff to:

  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Think on their feet in meetings and in front of a crowd
  • Immediately command the audience with a powerful first impression
  • Employ both verbal and non-verbal techniques to engage the audience
  • Incorporate powerful visual aids
  • Exude confidence and poise when delivering business presentations
  • Inspire, compel and persuade others with their thoughts and ideas
  • Develop stronger, more sustainable relationships

Maximize ROI With Follow-Up Coaching and Training

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Effective Presentations provides access to ongoing followup training, offered thru our live online virtual platform, to sustain and reinforce learning and optimize skill development.

Our virtual followup training sessions eliminate the need for costly travel and can be scheduled for your entire group or one-on-one for specific members of your team.

These topic driven sessions promote continued growth and ensure critical skills assimilated during the workshop become habit, maximizing your company’s return on investment.

Effective Presentations’ mission is to revolutionize the culture of communication in today’s marketplace, and we guarantee our corporate business presentation skills training will transform the way your organization communicates!

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