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Live Online Virtual Training

Live Virtual Online Training Platform

Powerful. Hands-On. Effective! Our Live Virtual Training platform offers remote access to the same powerful training we provide live and in-person across the country.

No point-and-click here. Our remote training sessions are conducted live, face-to-face with a Nationally Certified Instructor. We conduct small group workshops that address the same critical skills and techniques taught in our classroom workshops – from the comfort of your own home or office. We also provide personalized 1-1 coaching programs and a Communication Skills Mastery program for our alumni!

Benefits of Live Virtual Training

  • Accessible from privacy of your own home or office
  • Minimize time away from work and/or family
  • Cost-effective, with easy follow-up coaching
  • 50% of tuition may later be applied to any classroom workshop

1-on-1 Coaching


Expert training has never been so convenient! Log in from the comfort of your home or office. You’re the star of the show!

Choose from One-on-One Coaching by the hour, or 4-hour blocks of training with the Virtual Bundle.

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Small Group Workshop


The same amazing instruction as our live workshops – from the comfort of your home or office! Highly Interactive, limited to 4 participants.

Our interactive small group training includes three 2-hour sessions, plus a bonus 30-minute individual coaching session.

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Smart Subscriptions

Monthly coaching subscriptions

Sign on to one of our monthly Smart Subscriptions and enjoy one-on-one coaching and exclusive access to our Live Advanced Presentation Skills webinar every month.

Choose from one of two monthly Smart Subscriptions, delivered on a flexible schedule at your location!

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Thank you for your time and outstanding suggestions today. The revised PowerPoint slides came through beautifully. Your creative ideas, sound advice, enthusiasm, and commitment to my success in public speaking are much appreciated.

~ Lynn Sprayberry
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Virtual 1-1 Presentation Skills Coaching

Effective Presentations offers personalized live virtual 1-1 coaching tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Your coaching package includes a complimentary consultation, with a Nationally Certified Trainer, who will review your situation and work closely with you to design a customized 1-1 coaching program.

Our Live Virtual Coaching comes to you – anytime, anywhere!

Virtual Presentation Skills Training Workshop

Our remote Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training workshops include six (6) hours of group instruction and one thirty (30) minute 1-1 coaching session.

These highly interactive sessions include role-play opportunities and impromptu, videotaped presentations, each videotaped and critiqued to enhance your learning experience. Never again deliver a boring, lackluster presentation; overcome your fear of public speaking and learn to radiate confidence and poise today!

Virtual Presentation Skills Training Outcomes

  • Instantly radiate a captivating presence
  • Exude confidence and poise
  • Persuade and compel others with your thoughts and ideas
  • Eliminate unnecessary filler words
  • Articulate your message with powerful storytelling
  • Build stronger, more sustainable relationships
  • Close more sales

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