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Complimentary Webinar

Topic: Winning Slide Decks

Date: June 12th; 30 Minutes, Q & A to Follow

Time: 11:00am MST / 1:00pm EST

Studies have shown that only 10-20% of information is retained over time when presented in writing and that number skyrockets to 65% when presented visually. Whether you’re pitching an idea to the boss or delivering a speech at a conference, an engaging presentation will help you reach your audience and emphasize your message. Join us for a 30 minute webinar followed by a Q&A session focused on adding pizzazz to your slide deck presentations.

Mike Fruciano explains what goes into a great slideshow—one that enhances the story you want to tell. He guides you through before-and-after examples showing how to properly use white space in slide design, when to use bullet points to communicate, how to contrast elements and main ideas effectively, and finally, do’s and don’ts of slide design. What you will learn:

  • Use the 30-20-10 rule for effective slide creation
  • Showcase your data using graphs, diagrams and photos
  • Effective use white space and color
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Who should attend:

Designed for non-designers, this course introduces average business professionals to key design components and guidelines for powerful PowerPoint slide design.

mike fruciano

Presenter: Mike Fruciano

Mike is the Founder and CEO of Effective Presentations, providing public speaking and leadership training to business professionals and individuals who want to boost their confidence and their careers. Being one of the nation’s top presentation coaches he thrives in helping others reach their true potential. He knows effective communications skills begin with a solid foundation, and that hands-on learning is the key to becoming a great presenter.

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