Effective Presentations Webinar

Topic: Your Audience Asks: “What’s in it for Me?”

  • Aug 3, 2022
  • 1:00pm MT (12:00pm PT, 3:00pm ET)

30 Minutes with Q & A to Follow

What’s in it for your audience:

Our simple formula for your “why.”

Who is this course for?

If your presentations, meetings, phone calls or daily conversations involve persuading someone to make or change a decision, this webinar is for you.

The art of persuasion can be tricky, but it’s a lot easier than you may think.

What is this webinar about?

We all know what it’s like to have to listen to a speaker to who we can’t relate. Learn to relate to EVERY single audience using our single-sentence formula for your “why.” Persuade your audience to engage with the entirety of your presentation by starting off strong using tips from this webinar.

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Why should your audience listen to you?

Grab their attention and their interest with one strong statement that tells them exactly what they need to hear.

Presenter: Breelyn Bowe

As one of Effective Presentations’ senior trainers, Breelyn Bowe shares her talent to create messages that are concise and meaningful.

Breelyn knows how to captivate an audience with words and images, and her public speaking teaching experience in higher education merges with her advanced degree in Communication to share a strong interpersonal experience with clients.

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Join us for a complimentary training session and learn to formulate your “why.” Hang around after for Q & A and a very special offer!

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