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Topic: Speaking Anxiety: Defining and Overcoming

  • May 30th
  • 10am Mtn (9:00am PT, 12:00pm ET)

30 Minutes with Q & A to Follow

Trainer Talk:

Let’s get “real.”

Who is this course for?

If the idea of speaking in front of a group of people makes you nervous — even in the slightest — this webinar is for you. It can be so much easier than we realize to eliminate our speaking anxiety; we just have to learn how.

Whether you completely black out or just have a slight vocal tremor, speaking anxiety is no fun for anyone. We will help you not only to lose those nerves, but use them, too.

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What is this webinar about?

Talking to other people probably isn’t a big deal to you. It’s having all eyes on you, being the center of attention – wide open to judgment – that you fear. Fear is a chemical response in the brain. This is nature’s way of preparing you to take action to survive. The problem with fear is not the fear itself, it’s how you react to it. When you give in to your fear and run away from situations that trigger it (like public speaking), the result is always lost opportunities.

Learn to reframe your way of thinking to see public speaking as an opportunity rather than a fearful and unpleasant experience. You may never love public speaking (we hope you do, though), but you can at least make it something that’s positive.

Why should your audience listen to you?

Grab their attention and their interest with one strong statement that tells them exactly what they need to hear.

Presenter: Breelyn Bowe

As one of Effective Presentations’ senior trainers, Breelyn Bowe shares her talent to create messages that are concise and meaningful.

Breelyn knows how to captivate an audience with words and images, and her public speaking teaching experience in higher education merges with her advanced degree in Communication to share a strong interpersonal experience with clients.

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