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Complimentary Webinar

Topic: The Art of Interviewing – Etiquette & Tips

Date: December 17th; 30 Minutes, Q & A to Follow

Time: 11:00am MST / 1:00pm EST

Who this webinar is for?
Management level professionals, current or prospective.

Going for that next promotion? Learn to interview with colleagues you already know while showing them a new side of you. Interviewing people to join your company? Learn to ask the right questions and put your company in a good light.

What is this webinar about?
We all know that first impressions are vital when trying to obtain a new job or position. As the interviewee, one must have good eye contact, professional posture and demeanor, and ask great questions.

What about when you are the one who’s hiring? Walking the fine line between professional and intimidating can difficult if we are also trying to be friendly and approachable. As the interviewer, you should put your company in a good light while remaining honest.

Interviewing in the modern age is truly an art. Learn how to sit on both sides of the desk—and present your best self!

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sandra oliver

Presenter: Breelyn Bowe-Sanchez

As an Effective Presentations trainer, Breelyn Bowe-Sanchez shares her talent to create messages that are concise and meaningful.

Breelyn knows how to captivate an audience with words and images, and her public speaking teaching experience in higher education merges with her advanced degree in Communication to share a strong interpersonal experience with clients.

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