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Jon Block, World Class Speaker Training

World Class Speaker Training

Powerful Training!

  • ✓   Conquer your fear of public speaking
  • ✓   Radiate confidence and poise in any venue
  • ✓   Compel others with your thoughts and ideas

Harness Your Inner World Class Speaker

You know heading down the speaker-entrepreneur path can be a lucrative journey for you and your business, and maybe you’ve already taken the first step. So why aren’t you seeing results? Why aren’t audiences responding to the incredible offer you’re laying out for them?

When your technique isn’t working, it’s natural to doubt the value of what you’re offering, or even to blame the audience. (“Maybe I’m just not selling to the ‘right’ people.”)

The problem isn’t your offer, nor is it that you’re pitching it to the wrong people. The problem is you haven’t yet tapped the one veritable resource that only you can bring to an audience: you.

Professional Speaker Training That will Make Your Money

World Class Speaker is a 3-day intensive presentation skill training program that shows you how to create a Signature Presentation—one that makes a strong, honest connection with your listeners so they can’t help but want to work with you.

When you establish a bond with your audience built on mutual respect and trust, everyone can feel it and wants to be a part of it. No other sales presentation program delivers what World Class Speaker can with guaranteed results.


Deliver Your Authentic Self

Greek philosopher Epictetus once said, “First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.”

How can you expect people to buy from you when you don’t know what they want?

Too many sales presentations are built around the false belief that it’s the one with the best pitch who wins, but today’s consumer is too smart and too savvy for outdated and manipulative sales tactics.

Your customers want to know you care about their challenges and that you have a solution that will work for them. Your customers want to know you can relate because you once struggled too.

World Class Speaker is designed to help you identify your relatable personal story and then create a Signature Presentation around it. Your Signature Presentation will establish you as an authority in your market and provide precisely what your listeners are looking for: real value from a person who’s been in their shoes.

April 10 -12, 2019


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Pinehurst Country Club
6255 Quincy
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September 7 - 9 April 10 - 12, 2019


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Reveal the Value You Possess

Created by public speaking mentor and expert storyteller Jon Block, World Class Speaker is available exclusively through Effective Presentations. This is your chance to learn how to transform your sales presentations into powerful, lucrative business opportunities. You’ll uncover your own authentic leadership and use it to magnetize audiences. Most importantly, you’ll become the dynamic and persuasive public speaker you’ve always wanted to be.

"When I met Jon, I was at the height of frustration with my business and ready to give up. After just a few months of Jon's support, I got a clearly-defined niche and hot, high-end packages with which I finally felt aligned. I quadrupled my practice, quit my day job, and grew to 6 figures in my first year!"

-- Melanie Cobb, Journey To Wildness

World Class Speaker is unlike any other speaker training you’ve ever experienced. You won’t find dozens or even hundreds of attendees packed into a room and given a cookie-cutter approach to delivering sales presentations: World Class Speaker is limited to just 25 seats per session, providing personalized training and more individualized coaching for those attending.

Here’s what you get from World Class Speaker’s revolutionary training approach:

  • Access to World Class Speaker’s incomparable Signature Presentation formula
  • A customized approach to presenting that’s 100% authentic to you
  • Strategies to shatter your presentation barriers
  • Tools to transform yourself into a genuine, irresistible communicator
  • Mentorship and community for you to fulfill your greatest potential as a speaker

Make The Connection That Matters

You’re ready to get on stage and create a lucrative return—but so far you haven’t seen the results you should. Let Effective Presentations’ World Class Speaker program help you link the answers your audience crave to the solutions you can provide. You’ll create a massive connection that clients can’t resist because it’s genuine and honest.

If you’ve been trying to navigate the speaker-entrepreneur path on your own with little or no success, there’s a better way. World Class Speaker will help you build your legacy as an inspiration to others and show you how to reveal your true essence to yourself and the world to serve humanity and achieve greater success.

No other presentation skills training program guarantees the results that World Class Speaker does. If you’re looking to claim the stage, spread your transformation, and have a lucrative business with public speaking at the forefront, you’ll find it in these three action-packed days.

Registration for our next World Class Speaker program is open now, but the 25 seats we have available are going fast. Contact us today to claim your spot.

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