Jessiee Datino

After earning her Master of Fine Arts in performance from Penn State University, Jessiee spent 15 years based in New York City. She has performed on professional stages Off-Broadway and throughout the country as an award-winning actor, play development consultant and storyteller. As an actor, she would represent theaters and production companies in radio and television interviews, social media campaigns, and audience and donor engagements. She has facilitated numerous workshops to promote productions, and develop audiences.


Building confidence and authenticity is Jessiee’s passion.

Through this performance background, Jessiee discovered a passion for helping people overcome the preconceived notion that public presentations must be perfect. She developed her own curriculum to make public speaking approachable and even fun! She has been coaching private clients for over ten years and teaches Public Speaking and Presentation for Denver University Prison Arts Initiative.

We all know that public speaking on any platform is vulnerable and can be intimidating. Jessiee, however, wholeheartedly disagrees with the assumption that public speaking must be perfection in delivery accompanied by flawless vocal and physical presence. She is here to help you overcome these foregone conclusions and find your most authentic, clear, message-driven self. She believes in the power of storytelling which lies within every presentation. In a safe and supportive environment, she will encourage you to dig deep and mine the soul of your presentation and will help you master skills to maximize audience impact, inspire confidence and empower you with your most effective tool, YOU!

When she is not facilitating or teaching, you can find her taking in a show or concert, trying new restaurants and enjoying the mountains with her loved ones and dogs.

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