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Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.

Sandra Oliver

Creating Fearless Speakers

With her unique ability to help others initiate change and transformation within themselves, Sandra Oliver is a highly sought-after speaker who delivers an incredible experience on and off the stage. Sandra is a master storyteller and knows how to use humor to keep her audiences engaged to receive a clear message. As a trainer with Effective Presentations, she motivates others to be fearless, confident public speakers so they can excel both professionally and personally.

Certified Life Coach and Author

Sandra graduated (cum laude) with a BA in Psychology from California’s National University and went straight into social work. Along the way, she earned certifications as a Life Coach, a Health Coach, and a Solutions Focused Coach, and shifted from helping others through social work to helping others through Sandra O Coaching, her motivational speaking and leadership coaching business.

Today, Sandra combines her Psychology degree and coaching certifications to serve as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation, whether it’s to help others gain clarity or summon the self-confidence to step outside their comfort zone. She’s an active Toastmaster who loves sharing her message with others as much as she loves teaching others how to share their own. She has penned four books, including “Dear Friend Letters” Volumes 1 & 2, a series of letters written as a commentary on life by giving a loving and compassionate voice to the struggles within each of us.

Using Passion to Motivate Others

Though social work gave her a starting point, Sandra has come to see that coaching is what she’s truly passionate about, and she uses that knowledge to help others uncover how they can use their current experience to create future success. As a public speaking trainer, she encourages others to overcome their self-doubt and fear to take control and deliver a clear, powerful message.

In her spare time, Sandra loves to be in the gym lifting weights, and she uses meditation to stay balanced. She’s also an avid history buff who is particularly interested in medieval history.

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Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.