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Conquer your fear of public speaking, radiate confidence, and compel others with your ideas.

It’s not just for the Presenters

Public speaking isn’t just what you do when you stand up and speak in front of a group; it’s what you do every day when you interact with people in the office, out in the field, and on the telephone.

We’re bringing our popular Presentation Skills Training workshop back to Las Vegas to show people just like you how to improve your presentation skills, so you can put your fear of public speaking to rest and drive your career forward.

  • Do you conduct meetings with colleagues and clients?
  • Do you speak to customers on the phone?
  • Do you ever participate in brainstorming sessions?
  • Do you talk to other people… ever?

Can’t Make the Event? Try our Virtual Training

Our remote training sessions are conducted live, face-to-face with a Nationally Certified Instructor. We conduct small group workshops that address the same critical skills and techniques taught in our classroom workshops – from the comfort of your own home or office. We also provide personalized 1-1 coaching programs and a Communication Mentorship Program for workshop alumni!

Captivate Engage Persuade

Learn how to conquer your fear of public speaking, radiate confidence and poise in any venue, and compel others with your thoughts and ideas. No matter what field you’re in, Effective Communications will help you become a better communicator at work and with your clients. We’ll provide you with simple, effective presentation tips you can tailor for virtually any situation. The presentation skills training you receive in Las Vegas will have you commanding audiences and motivating people to take action!

Training for me

Training for my team

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. Check us Out!

Effective Presentations we have thousands of clients across multiple sectors who have new confidence, and solid communication skills.

Our highly interactive onsite training will workshops strengthen your leadership, boost your sales and have you presenting and like never before

I didn’t know what to expect. The class was useful, enlightening and effective. I’d recommend this class to anyone, to improve their communication skills.
Charron Consulting
I’ve been teaching and doing public speaking for many years and, after taking this seminar, my presentation skills have absolutely gone to new level.
Amira Waters
Support Manager

Las Vegas is the Presentation

Capital of the World

The city of lights boasts some of the world’s best entertainers and presenters. These are people who have spent countless years honing their craft to captivate and entertain audiences. . Effective Presentations may not make you the next great magician or singer, but our training will accelerate your progress, and make you a great presenter

Communicate Like a Pro!

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Essential Skills for That Executive Presence

Our executive presentation training workshop provides hands-on training guaranteed to transform our participants into powerful storytellers. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, we offer a variety of presentation skills training programs that will help you overcome your fear of public speaking and dramatically improve your communication skills! Effective Presentations also offers interactive seminars for larger groups, live virtual training providing a time and cost-effective alternative to classroom training, and one-on-one coaching.

Business Presentation Training

Our highly interactive, small group presentation skills workshops ensure each participant masters essential verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Thru effective presentation tips, role-play exercises, stimulating activities, videotaped practice presentations, and plenty of examples of strong presentations, our training delivers. These workshops outline what makes a presentation effective and explore essential techniques for success that empower you to speak like a pro. Effective presentation coaching will position you to radiate confidence and deliver powerful presentations every time you speak!

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