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NYC Presentation Skills Training Delivered Onsite

As one of the most influential metropolises in the world, New York City is an economic, cultural, and entertainment epicenter. There’s a lot of big business happening in The Big Apple; it’s the perfect training location for Effective Presentations and its many business-centric presentation skills workshops in NYC.

What better place to master communication and presentation skills than in a city recognized internationally for its commerce, media, art, fashion, research, technology, and fine learning institutions? From tourism and high finance to theater and education, there’s no New York City sector that can’t benefit from Effective Presentations’ wide range of communication skills workshops, all geared to help you in your pursuit of success.

Business Presentation Skills Training in New York City

Exceptional business presentation skills are essential for organizational success, regardless of the industry you’re in. We’ll have you bursting with confidence so others see you as a credible expert in your field. With role play and practice and plenty of effective presentation skills tips you’ll find success in all of your professional relationships—with clients and colleagues.

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New York Presentation Skills Training

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Time & Date

Double Tree Times Square
1568 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Spring 2019
8:30am - 4:30pm


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Corporate Presentation Training Delivered at Your Location

Are you looking for the best public speaking and presentation training in New York? Are there people on your team that harbor a fear of public speaking, we'll show you proven techniques to overcome your anxiety. Best of all, we'll give you the opportunity to put those techniques to work in a series of fun, interactive exercises. Our goal is to see you thrive!

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

New York fear from public speaking

Being able to engage and motivate your listeners a skill no leader should be without. Our popular corporate leadership training courses cover critical disciplines fundamental to success in every business, including presentation skills, public speaking, sales training,  and time management.

Led by nationally certified trainers, our workshops are not only effective, but they are delivered in a fun and casual environment that favors interactive learning. Our method of training fully prepares you to deliver strong business presentations, compel and persuade prospective customers, and develop and lead a team.

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So what are you waiting for? Call Effective Presentation today at 800.403.6598 to find out how soon you can get into one of our presentation training or bring us on-site at your location in New York City. Make a great invest in yourself and take your presentation skills to the next level.

Serving: Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, as well as Connecticut and northern New Jersey.

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