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If you’ve always wondered what executive coaching is and how it can benefit your entire organization, Effective Presentations has the answer.

Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.

Executive Coaching For The Professional

Our program is designed specifically for senior executives and managers; corporate coaching delivers powerful leadership training so you can excel in a position of authority. It’s more comprehensive, more exclusive than our basic presentation skills training workshops because it’s made for people who are serious about driving their careers forward.

Could you benefit from corporate coaching? That depends on your current position, your career goals, and what you want to get from an intensive coaching program.

Our corporate coaching clients have seen improved performance within themselves and from the people they oversee because they’ve learned from us how to communicate effectively and lead with confidence.

Invest in Your Career

You will learn from the unique combination of qualified and experienced people who understand business,
relationships, and behavior. Our track record for improving the careers of hundreds of executives speaks for
itself. We want to work with you next.

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Our corporate coaching program was created especially for those who are at or striving to reach the executive level. As part of your training, you’ll receive intensive instruction on:

  • Improving your effectiveness
  • Increasing engagement
  • Developing high-potential employees
  • Team-building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Working with challenging groups and relationships
  • Making strategic decisions
  • Managing demands on your time

Corporate Coaching From Experienced Professionals

Effective Presentations’ corporate management coaching program focuses on improving leadership through behavioral changes. It’s not achieved through a one- or two-day workshop but through daily adjustments. It’s an on-the-job process that pays large dividends during and after our management coaching ends.

One of the biggest challenges among today’s corporate managers is their lack of understanding about leadership. What makes a strong leader? What makes a leader effective?

Our corporate coaching program is designed to work with you to help you identify and expose the leadership qualities you possess. You’ll also identify your deficiencies and work to minimize them to become a strong leader and influential executive.

We Understand Because We’ve Been There

Corporate coaching is not for everybody, and not just any coach will be a good fit for you, so we make sure your corporate coaching is delivered by someone who’s competent and can relate to you professionally.

Our coaches understand the corporate environment because we’ve been a part of it for many years. We understand the unique struggles of an entrepreneur who has built a business from the ground up, and we can appreciate the challenges that holding a corporate position can bring.

Like you, we are business people. The issues and challenges you face are the same ones we have. And because we have extensive backgrounds in a wide range of industries, we can provide you with many different perspectives and years of experience. You’ll benefit from the mistakes we’ve made and the knowledge we’ve collected.

Your success is our only goal, so we’ll create a corporate management coaching program with you in mind.

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Become an Effective Leader

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, an American computer scientist, and United States Navy officer said it best: “You manage things; you lead people.”

To be an effective leader, you need to understand people: how they think and why they behave the way they do. When you understand these things, you can enhance relationships and improve performance.

As an executive, it’s your job to identify leadership gaps and create strategies to fill them. Your long-term success and the success of your company depend on it.

It’s time for you to decide. Is executive coaching right for you? It is if you are:

  • A strategic thinker who wants to advance your business or organization
  • A talented management professional who lacks communication skills
  • A committed team player who’s ready to step into a role as a company leader
  • A professional ready to enhance your executive presence

Our executive coaching program is also beneficial to people who are already in leadership positions who are struggling and need help in calculating their work/life balance. Without finding this delicate balance, you risk burning out—which is detrimental to your career, your family, and your health.

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Successful presenters understand that what the audience sees in a presentation makes a stronger impact than the words they hear. We’ve been wired to take in information primarily through our eyes ever since cave dwellers began looking over their shoulders for approaching mastodons. However, giving a presentation is not an easy task; it requires substantial research, organization, public speaking skills, and self-confidence. A good presenter has the ability to engage his or her listeners from beginning to end and compel them to take action. Those who wish to learn presentation skills can get incredible training from expert presenters through classes or courses offered by the staff at effective presentations. There highly effective training did wonders for me.

– Phillip Brown

Effective Presentations works with the movers and shakers in virtually any industry.
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