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Executive Presentation Training

Our Executive Presentation Training and Coaching is highly effective and designed specifically for Senior Executives and managers who must present at the executive level. As executives take on countless new roles and responsibilities, the ability to communicate clear, consistent messages and motivate others to action is a prerequisite for success. Every presentation, meeting or interview is an opportunity to position yourself and your organization. As an executive who needs to inspire your team, or wow your board members or shareholders, Effective Presentations provides consulting services that help executives and senior managers become more effective at presenting and communicating.

Executive Coaching For The Professional

This course assists executives and professionals to dramatically improve their presentation performance by evaluating all aspects of a successful presentation. Through our personalized approach, presenters increase their effectiveness, confidence, and credibility.

non verbal communication

We provide practical, adaptable guidance in communication skills, leadership training, team building and public speaking. Managers and directors within organizations of all sizes can boost their effectiveness with our hard-hitting presentation coaching. Intensive one-on-one practice with a presentations coach from Effective Presentations will provide an opportunity for assessment and immediate feedback.

Practical, Dynamic and Effective

Our Executive Presentation Coaching will position you to gauge audience reactions better, make mid-course corrections, and deftly handle certain performance challenges. As a result of our coaching, clients can capitalize on their natural strengths to become high-impact presenters, ready to face increasingly sophisticated audiences.

These services are delivered in one-on-one executive coaching sessions, team coaching sessions and workshop formats.

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