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Media & On-Camera Training

The business landscape has changed significantly over the past decade: Smartphones are taking the place of computer terminals; teleworking is emptying office spaces; and video is the Number 1 way consumers and businesses alike prefer to connect and receive their information.

Don’t think these changes affect you? They affect you more than you know…

On-Camera Audiences are Everywhere

YouTube. Skype. Facetime. Google Hangouts.

Video is making face-to-face interaction as easy as dialling the phone. Cameras are everywhere, and they’re making us more visible than ever—everywhere we go. So if you’re someone who still believes the only ones who need media training are TV personalities, public relations specialists, and the strategists called on to share their expertise during the 6 o’clock news, you’ve been ignoring what’s happening around you every day.

Camera Presentation Tips: Be Prepared

It’s time you looked and felt more confident in front of the camera. Effective Presentations has developed an impressive media training program that will make you a powerful on-camera speaker. From the tone of your voice to the body language you use, the camera sees it all; we’ll help you build your confidence so you can deliver video presentations that will win over any on-camera audience.

With our practical media training, you’ll get access to camera presentation tips to help you:

  • feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera
  • engage an on-camera audience you can’t physically see
  • speak with enthusiasm and authority
  • use effective and appropriate body language

New Media Training for the 21st Century

Being able to communicate your key message effectively is a skill few people possess but one that everyone needs. On-camera training will help you deliver a message that’s relevant, effective and engaging.

Be prepared for your next on-camera presentation, company video, or television interview. We’ll help you feel confident and speak authentically. We offer a comprehensive and practical Media Training program packed with helpful tips and video communication strategies for speaking on camera. Learn effective communication skills to create a listener-centered message and give a video presentation that connects with your on-camera audience.

Plus, our media training workshops are fun, effective… and they work!

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** Our Founder Mike Fruciano will be leading this workshop **

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New Media Training for the 21st Century

If your company is putting out YouTube videos, webinars or other video products, you’ll want whoever is appearing on camera to come across as confident, knowledgeable and genuine. Our Media Training workshop delivers the skills you need to serve as an impressive spokesperson to promote your brand.

We’ll prepare you or your team by providing them with the fundamental principles of communicating successfully on camera. Our workshop covers:

  • How to focus and stay in the moment
  • On-camera posture and gesturing
  • How to look good on camera
  • What to wear (and why)
  • Crafting a message that sticks
  • Using the appropriate tone of voice
  • Maintaining eye contact with the camera
  • Plus much, much more…

Today’s workforce is gravitating toward video; if you want to succeed, you need to be moving that way, too. Our Media Training workshop will significantly improve your on-camera presentations by boosting your confidence and improving your technique so you look and sound incredible. Contact us today for details and training availability.

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