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Decisions or Media Relations

Media Training for Executives

When the media calls, you must be ready to capitalize on the opportunity. Media Training for Executives will show you how to deal with those nerve-wracking media appearances. It can be your chance to deliver a positive message to your employees, your clients, and your investors.  Dealing with the media in all its forms – newspapers, magazines, radio and TV – can be demanding.

Often there is little or no chance for detailed preparation so you have to make sure you get over the right words in the right context or the consequences could be disastrous.

Media Training Courses Provide Essential Skills

We can teach your group Basic Media Skills which will provide a solid foundation on which you can handle fundamental principles of communicating through the media.

Our Advanced Media Training provides you with the skills to be able to handle a journalist’s questions with confidence whether it’s for a newspaper or broadcast.

Occasionally things will go wrong and like the fire service, you need to be able to react quickly. Crisis Communication is about having a structure and skills in place to deal with any situation.  Practice makes perfect so we can help you test your skills through emergency exercises where we create a situation and see how well you cope with the media interest.

Once you’ve learned the techniques, it’s vital to maintain your skills through regular refresher courses. We can facilitate courses anywhere – and at any time.

decisions or media-relations

Advanced Media Training (1-4 people).

Learn effective communication skills to create a listener-centered message and deliver that message in a way that connects with the audience. On-camera coaching prepares participants to speak to television, radio, and the print media.

Crisis Communication (up to 5 people).

Develop a crisis response plan. Learn to handle a press conference. Deliver media messages in crisis situations. Our Media Crisis Communications training program can show you how.

Basic Media Skills Training (for large groups).

Prepare your team with the fundamental principles of communicating successfully through the media. One of our Effective Presentations professionals works with your group in this intensive media training. Participants practice concepts with on-camera and group exercises.

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